What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘disability’?

Train wreck or migraine? What kinds of claims do we receive?

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘disability’? A freak accident leading to a permanent lifestyle change? The truth is that most disabilities are temporary in nature and can happen as the result of daily activities or illnesses. In the insurance industry, the term ‘disability’ covers a wide range of illnesses or injuries that prevent a person from working and generating an income. The following are just some of the claims we’ve received in the past year. 

Injured left ankle R69 041
Caesarean section R46 298
Severe gastro-enteritis R29 589
Abdominal hysterectomy R20 712
Appendectomy R17 618
Cardiomyopathy and pacemaker insertion R14 360
Lumbar spine iInjury R12 772
Cataract removal R11 357
Removal of kidney stones R9 863
Accidental stab wound to left hand R3 452

Our claims records reveal that most of our claims are temporary in nature. We also know that a person is far more likely to suffer a temporary disability than a permanent one and that most claims last less than 30 days but can have huge financial implications.

That’s why we emphasise the importance of Temporary Income Protection that provides cover from Day 1.

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