How to sell more insurance

financeIf you want to survive in the insurance industry, you need to learn how to sell your policies. Selling is much more difficult than buying something. The whole process involves a wide range of skills. In order to be a good seller, you’ll need to convince people so this implies good communication skills, charisma and a mind for calculus. Here is a list of tips that will guarantee a smoother connection with your client:

Empathy and manipulation!

Empathy is very important when you are selling insurance. You must understand your potential customer’s situation. People nowadays are worried about their financial situation. They see the policy as an extra burden on their expenses. From the start, your product is perceived as something negative. This is not good, so what do you do? The trick is to empathize with your client. Convince them that you are trying to help them. Talk about future losses and about extreme situations that could be avoided with an active policy. Saying that the premiums are cheap is a useless trick. To not try to convince your client that that policy is not a financial burden, instead prove to them that it I necessary, a necessary evil, if you wish.   

Concerning the price.

Most people are looking for a bargaining, but a wise seller knows who to make them value seekers and not just discount hunters.  An interesting psychology study shows that when it comes to two or more options, you can influence the consumer’s choice. The idea is to introduce an extra useless option, one that nobody will choose. The purpose is to make your most expensive option much more attractive.

When you are setting the price, don’t forget about the magical number 9. You’ve probably noticed that most prices in shops end with .99. Another psychological study shows that we have a special attraction towards the number nine, so instead of a premium of 45$, ask for one of 44.99$ and you’ll have more successful.

Sell time!

People have busy schedules. They need to get to work, to take their children from school and many other things. You must make the whole process of getting insurance seem easy. This may be harder than it seems. If you want to make your product more likable, promote it as a time saving method! Of course, this means that your speech must also be short and to the point. After you make them realize the necessity of the insurance that you’re selling, promote the policy as a time saving option. See? A moment ago they didn’t even though of buying insurance and now they are looking for the fastest way to get one!

Be honest!

People believe that sellers are deceitful and this is a though misconception to crack. But this doesn’t mean that you have to conform to it. You must be honest with your client. Remember that insurance selling is a long term process which implies trust and communication between the agent and the client.

When selling insurance, it is essential to have a clear picture of the competition’s prices. Visit our website and make an idea of how you can make your insurance policies more affordable.

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