Writing competition for junior schools across South Africa

UPDATE:  Since my last correspondence to you, regarding an announcement about the launch of a writing competition for primary school pupils, a financial pledge to increase the prize money has been made. I am pleased to inform you that now the winner in each category will get a R450 book voucher and the runner up R150. I have herein enclosed the amended document should you wish to publish or announce it in your community or educational section.

I write to you with a humble appeal for some advertising space in your newspapers for a project that I am organising. I am currently organising a writing competition for primary school pupils across South Africa. I have recruited some adjudicators from the University of the Witwatersrand some of whom are authors and lecturers to help select the winning entries. The primary aim of the competition is to encourage the youth to read and write. The stories can be either factual or fictional but must be original. The stories can either be in Afrikaans, English, Sotho or Zulu. I have put up some prize money in the form of book vouchers for the winners and runners up. I hope to have the final prize giving in June as specified in the attached entry form. I also plan to form partnerships with media organisations to publish the winning stories and help grow the competition. 

I have attached a copy of the entry form and short biography about myself. I look forward to answering any questions.
Yours sincerely
Owen Msimango   
About Owen Msimango 

My name is Owen Msimango I am 40 years old and I am originally from Orlando East, Soweto. I studied Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Witwatersrand. I worked briefly in both private practice and in the public clinics in Johannesburg before I accepted a job offer in the United Kingdom. I currently live in Derby, United Kingdom where I am practicing as a dentist. I have recently acquired an MSc in Primary Dental Care from the University of Glasgow and also have a postgraduate diploma in Healthcare Informatics from the University of Sheffield. I have an interest in Paediatric dentistry teaching and research. I plan to return to South Africa in the future to pursue my interests. 

Other interests include performing arts and culture, taking part in sport especially running, tennis, swimming and cycling. I am fond of cheese making, I often visit artisan cheese makers and help out in making cheese. I am also a member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association based in London.

I am currently running a project where I take part in outdoor activities such hill climbing, cycling challenges etc to collect reading books, sport equipment and music equipment for St John Berchman School in Orlando East. I recently started getting reading books for BernardIsaacsSchool in Coronationville. I am also currently planning and organising a national writing competition for primary school children in South Africa.    

Skryf Net writing competition 

Getting the future writing 


The objective of the Skryf Net writing competition is to seek out, encourage, recognize and generally worship creative writing excellence among primary school pupils in South Africa. We work hard to encourage entries from around South Africa from all types of primary schools. We also seek to bring the writing we recognize to as many people as possible, giving the whole South African society the chance to view and learn from the outstanding creativity and craftsmanship of our winners. 

Entry is open to any South African primary school pupil up to 13 years old. There are two age categories: 6-9 year olds and the 10-13 year olds. Stories should be original and unpublished work of that writer. The story can be on any subject but not exceed 1,000 words.  Entries can be typed in double spacing on one side of A4 paper with all pages showing the title of the story and your name. Hand written entries should be clear and legible. You may enter one story per entrant written either in: Afrikaans; English; Sotho or Zulu language.   


If you enter, aside from the awe and reverence of your teachers and fellow school friends, you are a contender to win the following: R150 book voucher for the winner and R50 for the runner up in each language category. 


30 April, 2013
Written work may be edited by the adults for spelling mistakes only. Authors should be able to read their work. The winners may be asked to read their story live. 


All finalists will receive an official letter of notification and may be requested for an interview to read their work to be used in the award show by June 2013. 


Entries should be posted to the following address:  Skryf Net writing Competition, P.O. Box 82046; Southdale; 2135. Entries may be also emailed to SkryfNetcompetition@gmail.com

Entries should include the author’s contact details including parents’ or guardian telephone number. 


+44 1332 835207 (H) +44 1332 835207 (Fax) 




All entries become the property of the Skryf Net Competition and will not be returned.

The entrant grants permission to show, duplicate or publicise entries as Skryf Net deem appropriate.

If any network, cable or local broadcast station agrees to air an entry on the news or any other program relating to the Skryf Net writing competition, Skryf Net will first obtain permission to broadcast from the entrant, who must then agree to obtain any permissions or clearances and to absorb talent or other residual charges incurred by the inclusion of their entry in the program, as required.

In order to promote Skryf Net writing competition, each entrant authorizes the writing competition organiser to screen, publish or put online the award show entries and winners.

The Skryf Net writing competition organizer may make copies of the entries for online publishing or live broadcast. This copy would be sold/rented/shown for educational and reference purposes only, and purchasers would agree not to duplicate, sell or broadcast any portion of it.

The Skryf Net writing competition organizer and the judges shall not be held liable for loss of any entry, for any reason whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions apply.  

Privacy, Security and your information

We generally only collect personal information for this competition when it is provided voluntarily by you. We will not share your personal information with any other third party without your express permission.

To protect your privacy throughout the assessment process we will not provide any information whatsoever about your entry to anyone other than the primary and secondary entrant contacts as specified on the official entry form. The primary contact must be authorized adjudicators of the organisation entering the competition.

We do not publish the names of entrants that have not been selected for an award, nor will we disclose or reproduce any information from your entry. Therefore if you enter the writing competition, but are not successful, this will remain confidential.

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