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At hippo we have it covered no matter if it’s Motoring, Household, Business, Personal or medical plus more

Vehicle insurance usually includes a few unexpected potholes, but Hippo promises you a smooth experience. Whether you need car and/or motorcycle insurance, or cover against nasty dents and scratches – we’ll guide you at every turn

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, you need to protect your property and prized possessions against theft, loss and damage.

There’s no place like home. It’s our sanctuary from the rat race and also a safe lodging for our belongings. Protect everything you own with home contents insurance and building insurance

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or the next billionaire, your business needs insurance cover straight away We understand how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to run a successful business – we’ve been around the block a few times.

Unfortunately, many business owners try to skate by without insurance, exposing their company to grave risk. Without coverage, a single blunder could drain your hard-earned resources and force you to close your doors.

Life does not always follow the expected path and the changes it brings are sometimes hard to bear.
You can’t prevent life’s mishaps but you can ensure that when they do happen, you have an insurance solution in place that can turn things around for you.

No matter what type of medical cover you need, Hippo will help you find the best value online. So, you can focus on getting better. Medical fees can burn a hole in your wallet, and when you are in need of urgent care, the last thing you should worry about is that looming bill. Hippo can help you find the health cover that best suits your needs.


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