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kevin-thumbnailVolume 1 Edition 1   by Kevin Bradshaw 

Canon, Nikon, Sony, aperture settings, shutter speeds, I.S.O.’s, fill light, off camera flash, the rule of thirds, white balance, cropped frame sensors, full frame sensors, just how does all of this affect the quality of a photograph?  Which has more impact on the quality of a photograph, the camera or the lens?  How important are megapixels to the quality of a photograph?  Should I buy new or used?  What lens is best for sports, for portraits, for product photography? Where can I go to learn more about photography?

Photographically speaking will address all of these questions and more as each week I bring my 25+ years of experience, successes, and mistakes to you.  My name is Kevin Bradshaw and has my first photography business at the age of twelve, when color photography was cost prohibitive, so we only shot black and white film.   My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, from which I progressed to Minolta SLR gear, and eventually onto my present day Canon equipment.

Now let’s have a discussion on what type of equipment is out there, and what can it do for you. 

Up until recently all cameras could be grouped into one of two categories, Point & Shoot or DSLR,  – which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.  The Point & Shoot variety of camera was meant for the person who wanted to buy a camera, take it out of the box, pop in a battery and memory card, and begin taking good quality photographs as quickly as possible.  The DSLR cameras are quite often sold without a lens as the photographer has the ability to attach a variety of lens types to a DSLR camera.  DSLR cameras also can be subdivided into two different categories, “Cropped Frame Sensor” and “Full Frame Sensor”, which we will discuss in further detail later on.  In 2012 a new type of camera, the Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera was introduced, which will fit in between the Point & Shoot and the DSLR camera.

Welcome to Photographically Speaking, and please feel free to email me with your questions on photography to .  I will not likely answer your emails directly, but will attempt to answer your questions in Photographically Speaking.

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