Vox Telecom Broadband Satellite solution for farmers

vox-telecomsWHAT IS YAHCLICK

YahClick is a satellite internet product that is offered by Vox Telecom. It works much like your DStv system (i.e. dish bolted to the outside of your house and instead of a decoder in front of your TV, there’s a modem somewhere in the house). It is best suited to farmers, schools, government departments and businesses in rural areas, but works throughout most of South Africa, so is also great for urban users with poor internet connectivity. 

YahClick is the first satellite service to be launched in South Africa The technology transmits many highly focused, overlapping ‘spot beams’, each covering a relatively small area, which allows for access to greater bandwidth at a lower cost. This means that even customers in rural areas now have access to high-speed internet.


  • Fast, reliable and wide-reaching internet access
  • No longer a need to worry about fixed line unavailability, cable theft or poor signal strength
  • Cost-effective broadband due to cutting-edge technology
  • Perfect for home and business users
  • Quick to install, with professional installers on standby around the country
  • Unlimited uploads at any time
  • Free Zone offers unlimited downloads during certain times
  • 24/7/365 support 


  • Primary internet connection for browsing, shopping and email, in any area that doesn’t have reliable, affordable access to broadband
    • This is mostly rural areas, but you’ll be surprised by the number of people living in urban areas that either have poor GSM signal or can’t get ADSL
  • Internet connection for multi-branch businesses
  • Backup system for businesses (cost-effective redundancy)
  • Voice (Vox Supafone) and Skype calls
  • Video streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Monitoring of close circuit television cameras (CCTV)
  • Telemetric machine and equipment monitoring 


Two of the many benefits of Ka-band technology are the increased speeds and the affordable pricing (compared to traditional satellite offerings). Consumer service plans are available from less than R200 per month and speeds on the enterprise packages go up to 15Mbps.

Call Vox Telecom on Tel: +27 87 805 0000 or visit the website on http://www.yahclick.co.za/

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