Athletics SWD send 4 IAAF technical officials to attend ASA National Lecturer’s Symposium

Moses Gericke
Moses Gericke

Athletics SWD send four IAAF Level 1 Technical Officials to attend the annual ASA Technical Officials Lecturer’s Symposium that was held on 15 to 17 March 2013 in Boksburg, Johannesburg. ASA is currently in the process of restructuring the Technical Officials Education and Certification System.  As part of the program ASA need to train / evaluate / empower key officials to be course presenters for future ASA Level and 2 courses.  As part of the program of the weekend, all officials will have to re-write the ASA Level 2 examination during the symposium, firstly for the ASA Technical Officials Committee to evaluate the paper and secondly for the candidates to familiarize themselves with the system and the processes to follow. 

The IAAF Level 1 officials that attended the symposium were: 

Moses Gericke
George Kock
Rosa-Linda Kock
Overton November

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