Lucy Kruger to appear on stage alongside Dutch reality stars

Cape Town’s favourite feisty crooner will be appearing on stage alongside Dutch reality stars Nick and Simon at Carnival Court (Long Street) this coming Tuesday, 26 March. For more details about the show, click here.

Lucy Kruger.  Photo by Nadine Aucamp Photography
Lucy Kruger. Photo by Nadine Aucamp Photography

Nick (28) and Simon (27) are a duo who create their own material, mostly in Dutch and occasionally in English. Both grew up in Volendam, a small Dutch town that is renowned for its fish, folklore and long history of musical talent.

They are visiting South Africa to record a reality series, which will see them exploring the country and learning more about our vibrant music scene, and also involve meeting up with some of our very best emerging artists. ‘Nick & Simon in South-Africa’ will include visits to Johannesburg, Cape Town and other interesting cities, where they will meet fellow musicians and other noteworthy industry role-players. 

One of their first creative collaborations will be with our very own Lucy Kruger. The duo approached Lucy after hearing her music; complimenting her sultry voice, exceptional song-writing ability and inimitable on stage persona. 

The collaboration format takes the form of an impromptu jam session during one of Lucy’s shows at Carnival Court this coming Tuesday. Lucy will open as normal and then, at some point throughout her set, invite the duo to play one or two of their own songs, and eventually end the show with a collaborative effort. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Carnival Court this coming Tuesday, from 8pm onward to witness this marvel in the making.

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