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vox-telecomsMost businesses have some form of data link, such as an ADSL or Diginet line, that is used to for various business functions. At night, after all the staff has left for the day, that link that you are paying for is idle – but it doesn’t have to be. “There are ways of optimising your link, including using it to monitor your premises at night.” says Niven Perumal, Product Manager for Vox Telecom. 

Making use of on-site guarding alone has a number of drawbacks. Common problems include the high cost and intimidation of personnel, collusion by guards in criminal activity or ineffective patrolling. By using a remote monitoring system such as Guardian Eye in conjunction with existing security services, business owners can eradicate those issues with ease. 

“The system provides an immediate reaction to alarm incidents through IP communication to the actual site,” Perumal explains. “Vox Telecom provides a control room that monitors the premises via CCTV and then follows a pre-determined escalation procedure based on the customers’ requirements. For example, if a break-in is identified, we might contact the armed response, then the key holder or another individual. We will then send an incidence report detailing the date and time of the incident as well as a snapshot of the actual event and how it was resolved, such as the apprehension of suspects or arrests that might have been made.” 

Business owners also have the option of viewing the CCTV footage in real-time once an alarm was activated, using a smart device such as an IPhone or tablet. The offering also includes a 24-hour event driven service, such as remote access control that provides the client with access to all on-site recordings and can view such via web access. 

The costs, according to Perumal, are actually lower than that many traditional on-site guarding methods. “Most companies use a day and a night guard post, with one extra guard on standby. A typical Grade C guard would earn about R3,000 per month, making your total expenditure about R9,000 per month. An eight-channel CCTV system such as ours would be less than half of that cost, with the added benefit that you are increasing the ROI of your data link.”
Perumal insists, however, that the service needn’t compete with guarding or armed responses services. “The system will work effectively with any guarding company the customer might already be using and will possibly allow the client to reduce the number of guards posted on the site.” 

Business owners who would like to make use of the service would require a minimum 128kb data link (such as ADSL, Diginet, Broadlink, YahClick, etc). If a customer does not have a data link in place, Vox Telecom will provide one as part of the solution. This can then be utilised for value added services such as IP calls or accessing the Internet during the day. On top of that Vox Telecom offers comprehensive redundancy (via 3G or YahClick) so that your Guardian Eye system is always up-and-running. 

To find out more about the service, visit or contact Niven Perumal directly on (011) 808 1232. 

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