Gold Ladle – Chefs and Culinary Teams show their hearts for Gourmets & Gourmands spectacular

Contrary to the plot synopsis of Goldfinger, the 1964 third instalment of Sean Connery as the inimitably suave and debonair Mr James Bond, the golden ladles of culinary teams involved with the annual Hartman’s Gourmets & Gourmands evening do not have a lust for gold. Their hearts are made of gold.


For the past five years since the inception of the event, guests have been treated to the cream of the Garden Route’s culinary expertise, sampling the golden standard of decadence in the area. For this year’s event 17 of the best restaurants in the area including SACA (the South African Chefs Academy, with chefs Andrew Fort and Karen du Plessis at the helm), the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the Francois Ferreira Academy, will take up their ladles once again to raise funds for the Carpe Diem School.

On the day of the event, chefs pack up their kitchens and head full speed to the Carpe Diem School hall to start preparing their delectable dishes, each of which paired to perfection with wine. Pretty soon the air is filled with the most wondrous of aromas as mouth-watering flavours mix midair to combine for a symphony of sumptuousness.

Francois Ferreira, in his role as patron of the Carpe Diem School, has over the years gone above the call of duty to answer the call of his heart and this year’s event is no exception. The Francois Ferreira Academy plays an integral role in the event, with students from the academy serving as waiters for the evening. The students from the academy’s Cater Care programme will also be assisting. This programme is run in association with the Eden District Municipality and the students in the Cater Care programme are sponsored by ABSA.

The Hartman’s Gourmets & Gourmands culinary evening is taking place on 24 August 2013 at the Carpe Diem School. Tickets for one of the most unique events on the Southern Cape’s social calendar are hard to come by, but at R550 per person, it is a steal.

For more information about Gourmets & Gourmands made possible by Hartmans on behalf of Carpe Diem School or about how to get involved, feel free to contact the school or email To become a sponsor or share your talents as a volunteer at the Carpe Diem School, contact them, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook in the group Carpe Diem Skool, George.

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