L’vovo and Mary Martins first to be eliminated on Strictly Come Dancing on SABC3

L’vovo and Mary Martins eliminated from the competition

The competition is truly on as episode three witnessed the first elimination of this season’s Strictly Come Dancing on SABC 3.
While contestants may have been enjoying themselves over the past two weeks with no threat of elimination; tonight brought home the true reality of competition.

For the first time this season not only would couples have to impress the judges, but also the viewers at home who now play a decisive part on who gets voted off the competition. This spanner in the works means that even if a couple does not impress the judges, they can still go through based on viewer support.

Couples had to tackle the oldest ballroom dance, the Viennese Waltz with its rotary movements and non-rotating change steps. There was also the Foxtrot with its long, gliding and brushing actions that evoke grace and beauty. The Rumba on the other hand is about mastering the hip action to present something sensual and romantic. While the impressive Cha Cha requires a rhythmic shuffling of the feet.

With the voting lines open, early pace setters Graeme Richards and Lindsey Muckle took to the stage with a slow, sexy, Latin infused Rumba.

With the bar well and truly raised so early in the evening, the consistent if not spectacular duo of Connie Ferguson and Brandon Eilers put on a steady Cha Cha routine that did not receive the best of reviews from the judges.

Colourful couple Kuli Roberts and Sylvester Sefotlhelo’s Foxtrot might have lacked a bit of character and poise but was an improvement on their first offering.

Damon Kalvari and Hayley Hammond, under pressure from last week tackled the Viennese Waltz that impressed the judges immensely.

Another safe bet for the title, Jay Antsey and Thsolo Moholwane put on another rousing performance; only the brave would bet against them going all the way.

Crowd favourites L’vovo and Mary Martins took to the stage amid rapturous applause; they have certainly won over the fans already. They may have not impressed the judges, but their personalities shone through brightly.

Outstanding couple from the first episode, Lalla Hirayama and Grant Esterhuizen lit up the dance floor and had the judges eating out of their palm of their hands, again.

Thapelo Mokoena and Hayley Bennet who have already garnered a rather sizable amount of support swept the judges off their feet and received a score to match.

Living up to their lofty standards was the stunning pair of Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond. The crowd loved them, the judges called them the dark horses; impressive stuff all round.

Mpho Popps and Nombulelo Hlathi did not take to the dance floor due to the former taking ill shortly before the show went on air.

With the viewers having tasted the amount of power they possess, the couples have to really knuckle down and impress in order to progress in the competition.

Strictly Come Dancing airs on SABC 3 Wednesdays from 20:00 to 22:00.

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Kwaito star L'vovo and partner Mary Martins is the first couple to be eliminated in the 6th season of Strictly Come Dancing on SABC3
Kwaito star L’vovo and partner Mary Martins is the first couple to be eliminated in the 6th season of Strictly Come Dancing on SABC3
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