Perold – Dawn of a new pinnacle of excellence

Perold Insignus
Perold Insignus

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”, Isaac Newton.

An exceptional range of wines has risen in salute to a great father of South African wine whose seismic influence continues stronger than ever to reverberate around the world – Abraham Izak Perold. Launched by international wine and spirits company KWV, the Perold range hails the groundbreaking work of this passionate scientist.

“Perold dedicated his life and his genius as a master of wine to influence every aspect of wine production,” says KWV chief winemaker Johann Fourie. “The same values and sense of quality and perfection that were his personal hallmarks are the essence of the new range – an exceptional wine, named after an exceptional man.”

The range currently consists of two wines:

Perold Insignis

The name for this wine comes from the Latin for Signature, being the best that is produced. It is made of 100% Shiraz grapes sourced from various, differing vineyard sites from around the Western Cape.

Perold Tributum

Perold Tributum
Perold Tributum

This wine is a tribute to Abraham Perold as the founder of Pinotage. A Cape blend, the wine is made up of four varieties of which Pinotage is the dominant component.

“Wines in the Perold range are made in small quantities from the very best vineyards that have demonstrated outstanding quality over many years,” says Fourie. “Specific winemaking methods have been applied to specific vineyard sites to maximize quality and style. In the cellar, we focus on producing the individual components, each a separate entity that is then finessed at blending time.”

This attention to detail reflects the legacy of Perold himself, whose work is regarded to have heralded a new, global future for South African wine. His famous contribution, Pinotage, is established as an international varietal that is grown in vineyards around the world. In Stellenbosch, the spiritual centre of the industry and home of his alma mater, it is Perold’s name atop the entrance to the Faculty of Science building.

Abraham Perold was born on 20 October 1880, at Cape Town. After completing his schooling in Wellington, he studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, obtaining a PhD in Halle, Germany. An illustrious career in chemistry and viticulture, combined with regular travel to wine regions in other countries, followed. It was under Perold that the Department of Viticulture and Oenology was established at Stellenbosch University and he became its first professor, rising to the appointment of Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. Later, he was appointed as chief wine specialist for KWV, where his passion and knowledge contributed to the realisation of some of South Africa’s most memorable wines.

The wines in the Perold range will be distributed to KWV’s international markets, including Canada, Japan, USA, Sweden, UK, South America and Belgium. 

In South Africa, they will be available at all fine wine stores and sell at around R750.

KWV is one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa. Its head office is located in Paarl, in the Western Cape – a top wine producing region. The company sources wines and grapes from the best and most sought-after viticultural regions in South Africa. KWV is known internationally for brands such as Roodeberg, KWV wines, Laborie, Golden Kaan, Cathedral Cellar, Café Culture, Wild African Cream and the KWV 3, 5, 10 and 20 Year Old brandies. KWV is a founder member of the Industry Association for Responsible Use of Alcohol (ARA).

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