Top 10 amazing destinations in the world

esta-vista-logoThe world offers a wide variety of destinations you can visit; these destinations are diverse and offer different tourist attractions. Below find a list of the top 10 destinations in the world.

1. Miami Beach
Miami Beach offers one of the finest beaches in the world. The beaches are clean, and have visitors from all over the world. It is a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment, the beaches are clean and there are lots of activities you can participate in such as water surfing, rafting, water sports and sun bathing among others. The beach extends, over a long coastline with a wide variety of restaurants that offers world class cuisines.

2. Las Vegas
Las Vegas is well known for its night life and state of the art clubs. There are many activities that go on here including weddings and other fun activities. Las Vegas is famous for its wedding ceremonies. Many people travel to Las Vegas to just get married as well as enjoy other activities found here. The most spectacular things here is the night life, you will find all sorts of clubs.

3. Disney world
Disney world is famous for its wide array of features and activities. It is simply referred to as the world of magic. The place is full of theme parks and other interesting activities. It is a perfect destination for family especially kids. When you visit Disney world you will be impressed by the various entertainment complex available.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru
This is one of the most ancient and beautiful places in the world. The locals consider this place to be holy, for this reason, they have built many stone structures that make the place look unique and spectacular.

5. The Pyramids, Egypt
The Egyptian pyramids are massive monument with a huge square base with four triangular sides rising up to a single point. Pyramids were first built after 2700 BC, as tombs for pharaohs. They intrigue tourists and people from all over the world. One of the pyramids is said to have been built over a period of 23 years with a workforce of about 30,000 people.’

6. Petra, Jordon
7. Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites located on the slopes of mt. hor. People visit this site to see the famous rock cut architecture. This place has been described as the most precious cultural feature in the man’s heritage.

8. Great wall china
This is one of the wonders of the world. It is a manmade structure that was constructed about 2000 years ago. The wall took over 100 years to complete. It is a beautiful scene and one of the places tourists takes photographs.

9. The Iguaza waterfalls, located in Argentina
This place is famous for the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls in the world. The Brazilian side of these waterfalls is famous for its panoramic views.

10. The Grand Canyon, United States
This offers a scenic view of the gorge by the Colorado River. Indeed, this place hosts one of the beautiful places in the world.

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