De Krans Moscato Perlé and Tinta Barocca Rosé, Perfect Summer Tipples

de-kranz-logoMake the most of the picture perfect summer evenings with two new releases from De Krans Wine Cellar, the De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013 and Tinta Barocca Rosé 2013.

Moscato has grown in popularity amongst new wine lovers whilst enjoying a significant following with seasoned wine enthusiasts who enjoy a lighter-styled wine with brunch, dessert, or on its own as an accomplished aperitif. Winemaker Boets Nel describes the De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013 as a low alcohol (only 9%), yet full-flavoured natural sweet perlé wine made to be enjoyed throughout the year. This light-bodied wine displays tones of honey and exotic spice with a fresh, mouth-watering aftertaste.

Intended to be consumed young, while it’s fresh and vibrant, this wine is best enjoyed chilled and is the perfect partner to apple desserts, fresh berries, summer salads, meringue pies and hazelnut based desserts. Although dessert is Moscato’s forte, it works beautifully with cheese courses, charcuterie or antipasto dishes. Its versatility, with a definitive balance of sweet and acidity, and the lower alcohol also make Moscato an ideal aperitif candidate, though it has certainly earned its stripes as the wine world’s most fashionable brunch-time guest as well. Available directly from the cellar or most retail outlets nationwide the De Krans Moscato Perlé, presented in a screwcap bottle, retails for approximately R40 per bottle.

Another superb value for money wine from De Krans is the recently released Tinta Barocca Rosé 2013, one of only two of its kind currently produced in South Africa. Beautiful in colour with a distinct freshness, Boets says this as a beautifully well-balanced and fruity rosé, made from premium Tinta Barocca grapes. Enjoy, chilled on its own or with chicken and light pasta dishes. Also available in a screwcap bottle, the wine is available directly from the cellar or most retail outlets nationwide, retailing for approximately R45 per bottle.

For more information on the De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013 and other wines in the range, feel free to contact Helet or Bessie at the cellar on 044 213 3314 or visit the website at

De Krans Tinta Barocca Rosé 2013.  De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013
De Krans Tinta Barocca Rosé 2013. De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013
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