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randFor many people who enjoying taking holidays in the cold winter months, heading to the Southern Hemisphere is rather appealing to take advantage of their warm summer. One country that is often popular for this is the country of South Africa. The country offers a diverse range of tourist destinations. Among them are several casinos that please many travelers.

One popular casino in South Africa is the Sun City Casino. The casino is actually part of a larger resort that offers a great deal of entertainment to its patrons. For example, it boasts the only safari park. Travelers can find Sun City approximately two hours by car from Johannesburg. Sun City caters to modest gamblers and high rollers alike. High rollers will be pleased to find special rooms where casino staff cater to them. Another casino choice this time in the city of Johannesburg is Montecasino. The overall design of the casino reflects a heavy Tuscan influence. Montecasino is actually separated into two smaller casinos. One of which permits smoking while the other one does not. Another distinctive aspect of Montecasino is its theatre which is the largest of its kind found anywhere in the country.

Many people who visit Sun City and Montecasino have already experienced casino gaming through RiverBelle Casino. However, they may find different variations of certain games within these casinos. For instance, many players enjoy the European version of roulette online. However, in South Africa, many of the casinos only offer the American version. While the games are different in the wheels they use, overall the types of bets remain constant. However, players must realize that with an additional slot added to the American wheel, the chance of winning is less. Given this fact, when players do win, their payouts can be much greater than in European roulette.

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