Current and previous cast celebrate Isidingo 15th Birthday


Isidingo, the hit SABC3 daily drama continued its 15th birthday celebrations with a star studded soiree this evening at Katy’s Palace in Sandton.

Isidingo 15 Years Celebration
Isidingo 15 Years Celebration

Present were cast members Don Mlangeni, Keketso Semoko, Robert Whitehead amongst others; along with some of Horizon Deep’s old residents also making an appearance – Jamie Bartlett and series creator Gray Hofmeyer.

Guests feasted on a 15 course meal with each course built around the character of an existing cast member. The meal kicked off with a Barker Haines inspired dish – “Liquid nitrogen poached cocktail of vodka and lime with citrus glass shards to represent both cold and cutting nature of the character”, and ended with a traditional birthday cake inspired by Zeb Matabane (Full menu below).

The World’s Best Tasting Vodka Grey Goose paired six cocktails with the first six courses which included Tomato Chilli jam and Pineapple & cardamom shots.

“Isidingo was a breakthrough in local television drama and the show can proudly boast a number of firsts that challenged the status quo over the past 15 years. Isidingo has built a formidable track record that makes all involved proud.”

We are incredibly thrilled to be here, 15 years later celebrating its incredible success”, added Risuna Mayimele, Marketing Manager SABC3.

To kick off the birthday campaign, the Isidingo cast members donated their time and a substantial amount of groceries to the C.H.A.N.C.E centre in Springs on Thursday 18 July 2013.

“These activities form part of a greater whole. It is part of the Isidingo Sakho campaign – a social responsibility programme that fulfils the needs of less fortunate South Africans. We will be outlining more Isidingo Sakho activities in the not too distant future,” concludes Mayimele.

With over 3000 episodes in the bag, Isidingo will continue to showcase its ONE NATION VIEWING tag with an intriguing storyline that includes people from all walks of life – from mine shaft workers to wealthy executives – and serves as a reflection of South Africa in the new millennium.

The fifteen course menu for each Isidingo character:

COURSE 1: BARKER HAINES (cold, calculating and vicious)

Nitrogen poached meringues – Vodka and lime with citrus glass shards.
Liquid nitrogen poached cocktail of vodka and lime with citrus glass shards to represent both cold and cutting nature of the character

COURSE 2: JEFFERSON SIBEKO (strong silent type)
Tomato espuma. Chilli dukkah. Pickled squid. Dried flower salad
The tomato espuma is a creamy mousse which is neutral, but strong in flavour, followed by a kick from the chilli jam and pickled squid to represent the strength beneath the silence

COURSE 3: SKHUMBUSO (the player)
Smooth and silky 
Spherical mojito with cigar
The cigar filled with smoked pork, mustard and sweet cheese is the quintessential ladies man ensign. Salty and sweet with lots of flavour. Mojito bubble that pops in the mouth releasing smooth flavour of white rum, sugar and lime, neutralizes the cigar.

COURSE 4: PRADA (flamboyant and eccentric)
Clementine sponge. Red curry ‘gems’. Lemon pudding. Micro coriander cream. Puffed brown rice.
Being that he is Indian, I thought curry would be great. The sponge offers lightness and melts away in the mouth to leave an eccentric take on curry and rice.

Olive Caviar – Champagne Jelly and Crème fraiche custard.
I thought seen as Pearl plays the part, olive gel balls (pearls) for saltiness like caviar. Crème fraiche and onion custard. Champagne jelly cubes offer sophistication and youthful zest in the same mouthfeel.

COURSE 6: EDDIE (policeman, procedural)
Coffee and Donuts.
Choux buns filled with aerated coffee custard and finished with a sprinkling of coffee dust.

COURSE 7: RAJESH KUMAR (traditionalist)
Conservative Cheese and wine.
Consomme of Chicken as a cappuccino (chicken soup with mature Cheddar cream topping as a cappuccino), with assorted breads

COURSE 8: FRANK XAVIER (Mr News, gets to the core of the story)
Meat fruit. Duck fibres
Crème caramel of foie gras in mandarin jelly that looks like an orange. Presented on bark of crunchy duck confit fibres with charcoal salt and leek ash

COURSE 9: LERATO (pure and innocent)
Classic veloute of seafood. Edible sea sand. Seascape.
An all white dish with hints of pure colour from the seafood present the pure and innocent nature of the character through classic cooking style

COURSE 10: SECHABA MOLOI (innovative and ambitious)
White fish, Pork and Cabbage. Grained Mustard. Soy. Onion varieties.
The pairing of fish and pork with cabbage is unlikely, but the innovation creates a great tasting, unexpected outcome.
 We can sub pork for the Halaal guests.

COURSE 11: AGNES MATABANE (motherly, stable, reliable)
Beef fillet sous vide. Pearl barley risotto. Mature Cheddar. Garlic foam.
A hearty, homely dish that warms and offers the features of comfort food, wrapped in a soft foamy cloud

COURSE 12: CALVIN XAVIER (colourful, full of spirit)
Springbok loin. Beetroot. Goats cheese. Candy of dates and pistachio. Truffle powder. Edible flower salad.
A colourful, vibrant, flavour packed dish that is visibly and texturally flamboyant

COURSE 13: KATLEGO (bitchy)
Citrus sour. Pastry, custard and marshmallow with lots of sour twists.
All the elements of a lemon meringue deconstructed into separate aspects to show two faced, bitchiness with lots of sour elements to enhance the nastiness

COURSE 14 BEN LE ROUX (dark and dangerous)
Chocolate 70.80.90.
A deceiving course of chocolate elements that are made with different percentage cocoa content. Looks sweet but presents as a savoury course.

Traditional Birthday Cake.

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