Introducing SMMS short codes

538ED537-1C97-43C5-BADD-953ABAF4AD0AA short-code is as simple as an sms. This method of communication is the best, because everyone has a phone on hand.

Our best results of marketing a short-code comes from marketing short-code in newspapers, on radio’s, in email signatures, business cards, websites and cell numbers from your business area.

One of our clients received in one month over 60 000 sms’s by running a competition using Facebook.  Another client received 300 sms’s in five days by running a competition using a local newspaper.

Following below is all the details on short-codes and keywords on shared short-codes.  For more information go to  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any more help is needed.

Std SMS costs apply


On a SHARED Short Code, you need a keyword to identify your campaign
When a person sms to a Short Code (e.g. 45509) it’s called a premium sms (Examples)
Cell phone users send sms messages to your unique keyword
The sender pays a certain price e.g. R1.50 per sms
Mostly used to run SMS-Competitions, database creation or SMS-voting, etc.
Sender receives an automated reply SMS
Revenue share is accumulated every time a message is received
A database of all these incoming SMS messages can be found in your Short Code Portfolio on our website
Our server also sends you a notification email upon every incoming SMS
This email notification contains the sender’s cell phone number, the message and time & date it was sent
Keywords are not case sensitive
It’s a good idea to keep your keywords as short as possible.

Reports on all sent and received sms messages – instantly
A search function for all sent and received sms messages per Keyword and Sub-keyword
A date-search facility to retrieve specific Reports, exportable via Excel format
Click HERE to check if your preferred keyword is still available. (Free keyword available for a trial period of 7 days)

Register a free keyword and receive a free Bulk SMS Account with 10 free sms credits.

Short Code Price Bands per sms
Standard Rates, R1.00, R1.50, R2.00, R3.00, R5.00, R7.50, R10.00, R15.00, R20.00, R25, R30.00

Unlimited Sub-keywords
Automatic reply SMS for your keyword(s)
Automatic reply SMS for your sub-keyword(s)
Automatic URL forwarding service
Automatic reply EMAIL
Automatic notification EMAIL for each sms received
You are in no way obligated to renew expired keywords
Unlimited number of sms messages can be received on your keyword



Our payouts are reflected as Vat Excluded
For a detailed list of MT message costs, please see our PRICES

Revenue Share

Switching Fee: R0.12 MT SMS Charge: R0.20 to R0.28

Revenue share pay-out for keywords on Shared Short Codes will only be initiated once R500.00 or more has been generated

You will need to receive a minimum of 500 inbound (MO) messages per dedicated short code, per month before you receive the premium SMS revenue. This will be effective after 90 days

If less than 500 messages are received, the revenue for that month will be kept by SMSS to cover costs. Prolonged periods of volumes below the indicated thresholds or no activity may result in re-allocation of your short code or keyword

Revenues will be paid to you after 90 days depending on when the operator pays SMSS. We charge a small fee for each inbound message that you receive. In addition a once-off setup fee and no monthly fees are charged for keywords or sub-keywords. A fixed monthly rental fee is charged for dedicated short codes. These charges depend on the country and number type you choose. Revenue share available in the SA and Namibia only


Getting started takes only seconds!

Simply REGISTER for free and receive your username via email and a sms to verify your account – That’s it!
You will receive a free 7 day trial to test a keyword plus a free Bulk SMS account with NO obligation whatsoever

To view our TERMS & CONDITIONS please click HERE

Best Regards

JD Botes
Head Office: Support
SMSS South Africa

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