Revolutionary Maths and Science Books for the South African GirlChild

maths-geniusJohannesburg, South Africa – Edzai Conilias Zvobwo is proud to announce his double debut books entitled “The Mathematical Genius in You” and “GirlChild Rise Up”. Edzai is a mathematician who has found a way to motivate girls to take up and excel in Mathematics and Science subjects and careers. They are must reads and the news should be taken to every girl and woman around the world.

‘Girl Child Rise Up’ is directed exclusively to girls and ‘The Mathematical Genius in You’ is a generic cross-gender book focusing on mathematical thinking. The books seek to demystify maths and science in the process redressing imbalances of the past caused by gender inequality and cultural practices. They reinforce the fact that maths and science education is a key vehicle for empowerment, economic freedom and technological advancement.

 His aim is to print and distribute the books world-wide for free and motivate all the girls and boys that maths and science can be done no matter their gender, ethnicity or culture. He is appealing to corporates and individuals to assist him in the printing and distribution of the books to all the girls in our marginalised communities. Help can be in cash, printing services and/or distribution. Contact details are listed below.

The Mathematical Genius in You is a ground-breaking, innovative and pragmatic dialogue between the author and the reader focused on how to achieve in mathematics. It is both motivational and instructional as it takes the reader through the steps on how to bring out the mathematical genius inside the reader. It is an easy read that anyone can read and understand the principles required for maths success.


GirlChild Rise Up This book has been written with you girls and women in mind. It contains a message of hope, faith and belief that you can pursue a career of your choice just like men. Gone are the days when society stereotyped women as weak and incapable of doing certain jobs in the science, engineering, financial and medical fields. My message to you is: THE TIDE HAS SHIFTED, WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY ARE CONQUERING IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE AND WOMEN HAVE DOMINION OVER THEIR DESTINY.

About The Author:

Edzai Conilias Zvobwo is a holder of a BSc Honours in Mathematics from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a high achieving business analyst/IT project manager and Gaming Mathematician with experience in:
• Software development operations in a mobile banking and payments environment
• Calculating, verifying mathematical and statistical models and software for the gaming industry.
• Teaching mathematics and statistics at tertiary and high school level.


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