Cango Wildlife Ranch raises funds for cheetah’s eye surgery

1-logoDear friends of Cango Wildlife Ranch

We have all been in the same boat when approached for sponsorships and donations… especially at this time of year. But for the first time in quite some time, Cango Wildlife Ranch is sitting at the ‘other end of the table’. Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years, with our many conservation projects and initiatives. We are immensely grateful for the media coverage, referrals, and reviews… all of which help us to do better work for our animals while educating the public. We would however be most grateful if you could further assist us with the following…


This a public appeal for assistance in helping us share Venus’ story to raise funds for her eye surgery.

Venus, our beautiful female cheetah will be under-going eye surgery next month to remove bilateral cataracts. Venus was born at the Cango Wildlife Ranch 6 years ago.  Her eyes have gradually worsened over the past while and we have been monitoring her very closely. Because eye specialists for large cats are not common in the area, we have been waiting to have her properly examined. Once we did all the tests we were relieved to find out that her condition was correctable and that we could help her irrelevant of the costs as we at Cango Wildlife Ranch have a responsibility to provide her with the best quality of life possible.

With Venus battling to see, she has gone from being quite a placid cheetah to one that is very nervous and on edge which is even more reason for us to assist her. Venus will be under-going surgery in Cape Town at the Cape Animal Eye Hospital next month. We are however launching an urgent appeal to members of the public, who like to make financial contributions towards Venus’ surgery as it is a large unexpected cost to us and we would be most grateful for any assistance. We are exceptionally excited for her. The success rates for these kinds of surgeries are fairly high and we are confident that all will go well!

You can help us by:

For more information on how you can assist, or make further donations, please feel free to contact Tammy at or call 044 272 5593

Thank you for your time, assistance and support.

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