Be part of making South Africa a safer place this Heritage Day

adtOur country is a melting pot of cultures; and Heritage Day is about celebrating and preserving all of the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation of South Africans.

“Begin a culture of safety in your home, your street or even in your community,” suggested Martin Kriel, Managing Director of ADT Security’s East Coast Region.

“It is important that communities present a united front against crime. We work closely with numerous Residents’ Associations and Neighbourhood Watch groups throughout the country and in suburbs where these partnerships between the South African Police Service, security companies and communities exist there is a general decrease in crime.”

Kriel said that many simply don’t have the time to get involved and added that there are several other ways to play a role.

“Sign up to receive your local neighbourhood watch newsletter; this will keep you and your household informed about crime in your community and provide you with relevant contact details in the event of an emergency.”

He added that it is also very important to get to know the neighbours.

“Talk to them about security and agree that when one or the other is not at home, you will act as each other’s eyes and ears. Swop contact details so that if anything were to happen you would be able to contact each other immediately.”

More safety tips to share with your family, friends and neighbours:

–       Be vigilant. Keep an eye out for suspicious people, vehicles and activity in your area. If something or someone arouses your suspicions or makes you feel uneasy, contact your security company or the police immediately.

–       Encourage your children to practice personal safety.

–       Never leave doors, window or safety gates open even if you are at home because this is an invitation for a criminal to enter your house.

–       If you go out alone – especially in the evening – someone you trust where you are going and when you expect to return.

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