Ten rules for effective communication


Here are ten rules to consider:

  1.  Communicate more than you think you have to or need to.  It is your top priority.
  2. Be as specific as possible in the words or phrases you use.
  3. Supply whatever background information and reasons people need to understand changes.
  4. Talk to people as one adult to another.
  5. Be absolutely honest in all your exchanges.
  6. Solicit ideas, suggestions and reactions from everyone.
  7. Follow through when you get suggestions – no exceptions.
  8. Think of your job as removing roadblocks, irritants and frustrations with all members of the team, not to put them there.
  9. Develop trust.  It is not automatically given, it must be earned.
  10. Remember to treat people as if they are important.  They want to feel they belong and that their work makes a difference.

Ria Vorster

About The Communication Channel

TCC has been in business since 1995 and has the capacity to offer a variety of Skills Programmes in Business Communication and Human Resource Management.

It is the Communication Channel’s basic premise that South Africa is a developing country with tremendous needs, opportunities and challenges in the field of education and training.  Its aim is to make a meaningful contribution to the country and to the lives of individuals in this context.

This applies to the whole spectrum of society and includes workforce skills training, management training for different levels of management and training according to the specific customer needs.

In order for TCC’s training to be effective and relevant – a basic requirement for all TCC training – it must be need-generated.  A thorough analysis of needs, within the context of customer realities and culture, is counseled by TCC.  Outcomes of training are clear from the start and are measurable.

Contextualisation lies at the root TCC’s training approach.  In classroom situations TCC strives for maximum interaction and the generating of synergy, rather than a talk-to approach.

It prides itself in its discretion.  Confidential treatment of customer information is a touchstone of its business philosophy.

In-house capabilities and association with other institutions make it possible for TCC to provide a very wide range of services nationally.  TCC, however, reserves the right to work and to be associated only with institutions which adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

It also provides individual Trinity College London Diploma courses in Effective Business Communication and Effective Presentation Skills. Students who attend these courses are from the age of eight to the professional world.

Adjudication is available on request for Public Speaking events and other form of contests where applicable.

Motivational talks form part of TCC training methods and is available on request.

Our excellent client service is appreciated and existing clients make use of our learning programmes on a continuous basis.

Our Facilitators  and Assessors are SETA accredited and well trained in all aspects of Business Communication.

Visit the TCC web site at www.tccst.co.za

Contact Details:
Administration:  (044) 874 3344
Mrs. Ria Vorster:  083 459 4189
Fax:  086 605 8596
Email:  riavorster@tccst.co.za

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