Vox Telecom launches new corporate managed Wi-Fi solution

Vox_Telecom_smallVox Telecom has announced the launch of a new corporate managed Wi-Fi solution that allows any business to extend their existing network into the wireless space. 

“Analysts predict that the average individual will soon own at least seven smart, Wi-Fi enabled devices,” says Vox Telecom CEO Jacques du Toit. “In addition, the workforce is becoming increasing mobile. Forrester research has said that 50% of companies consider WLAN to be mission-critical. Our goal was to offer companies a safe, seamless way of connecting to their corporate network (and to enjoy the same security and benefits of that connection). There is a lot of confusion as to what is required to securely enable a corporate wireless network. It involves frequency planning, seamless transition between buildings and numerous security considerations. Hence the need for our new Wi-Fi solution, Vox Aura.” 

“It enables businesses to roll out Wi-Fi Access Points, securing the network and empowering your firewall to become the WLAN controller. It meets all of the requirements of security, auto-provisioning, standardisation and compliance a corporate customer demands,” Du Toit says. “Applications such as usage control, centralised management and reporting will allow businesses to take control of the security threats associated with allowing a number of different devices, guest users and employees to use your Wi-Fi connection, making it one of the safest ways to enable wireless connectivity.” 

Vox Aura is built using Aruba technology, which makes provision for the more complex bandwidth and functionality of large corporate and enterprise customers. “The network architecture of this product unifies network access, infrastructure and applications into a single cohesive, manageable system. It is ideal for companies that have or are considering implementing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives as it allows your IT department to manage traffic flow on any wired, wireless and remote network. It also allows control over how these devices and work applications are used,” says Du Toit. “Whether at home, away or at their office, Vox Aura customers will be able to consistently and securely connect to corporate resources, based on who they are, where they are and what device they are using – indoors, outdoors and remotely.” 

Companies wishing to roll out BYOD on the have the option of adding a ClearPass Access Management System with Vox Aura, which allows users to create and enforce policies that extend across the network to devices and applications. 

“Employees are already connecting to networks with their smart devices,” Du Toit says. “Vox Aura can allow them to do that safely, seamlessly and securely – wherever they go.” 

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