The importance of persuasive speaking

facebook-logoA form of communication crucial to the achievement of your career goals is persuasive speaking.

Persuasive speaking has three purposes:

  1. To convince people to take action that you want them to take.
  2. To change radically their attitudes or believes.
  3. To strengthen or weaken their current attitudes or beliefs.

Before you can persuade your listeners to change their stance and do what you want them to do, you must analyse your audience.   Armed with some understanding of your audience, you’re now in a position to plan strategy.  Two types of audiences are considered:

  1. Friendly
  2. Neutral or passive.

Of course, before you can convince anybody of anything, your body, your voice, your facial expressions and your gestures should reflect the fact that you yourself are convinced.  Audience sense whether speakers are convinced of the truth of their arguments or are faking it.

There are three ways to persuade:

  1. Through logical argument by using evidence and reasoning.
  2. Through speaker credibility.
  3. Through appealing to basic social, biological, and psychological needs and desires.

Ria Vorster

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