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georgebusinesschamberI am sure that you are all aware of the fact that George has so much to offer and that there are always events taking place. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many of us don’t know who is organising what event and when it will be held etc. We also see that there are MANY occasions when there are interesting activities/events that are being hosted on the same date and because of that fact neither event is particularly well attended and attendance is split. The calendar, as proposed below, can be seen as an “enabler” in that a person can see what events are taking place and when they are taking place. If  a tourist is holidaying in Plettenberg Bay and would like to visit George but doesn’t know what events there are, accessing this site will provide the information.

Of course, the more people who utilize this calendar, the more comprehensive the information will be and if you are planning an event, you can plan around other scheduled events or coordinate efforts to ensure a series of exciting activities for visitors to George who will then be encouraged to stay in George for a few days instead of just passing through George. This will have a direct and positive impact on the economy of George.

For further information, please see the mail below!

Kind Regards & Chamber Greetings,
Ingrid Cronje

South Cape Calendar

Computer Traders George has an annual calendar which runs from March 1st   to February 28th  each year in which we advertise activities that take place in the Southern Cape to our calendar and website users as well as holidaymakers and tourists. We also place specific national and international dates of importance on this calendar. Overseas and Local users have complimented us on the information on the calendar and informed us that they have benefited from using the calendar. Please use the following link to visit our current Calendar here or visit our website at and click on ” Calendar and Events – South Cape “.

Currently we advertise all major activities for free on our annual calendar until February 28th , 2014 . To view your activity , please visit the Computer Traders Calendar on our website . If you want to add more activities or alter your existing ad , please feel free to contact us . Kindly note that the user is informed briefly on what activity takes place and they can immediately go to your website or contact you  for more information.

We are proud to approach you and other advertisers to be part of this unique calendar which will be known as ” The Southern Cape Calendar ” . It will be marketed nationally and internationally . Since the launch of our yearly calendar on our website , we have had 6541 visitors to the website . We monitor it regularly .

We invite you to be part of the next “Southern Cape Calendar” which will run from 1st  March 2014 to 28th  February 2015, the existing calendar runs up to 28 February 2014  . The agreement is as follows :

All activities taking place weekly or monthly , may be advertised on the Calendar .

The cost per year , for one or multiple advertisements will only be  R 350-00 incl per year . This fee is applicable to first time users such as yourself.

The closing date for the placement of your ad will be 30th  November 2013 .

Payment can be made ​​up to 13th  December 2013 .

Amendments to your advert during the period of 2014/15 is free of charge.

We trust that you would form part of this unique Calendar as soon as possible and kindly request you to book your advertisement as soon as possible. You are welcome to forward our invitation to advertise on our Calendar to friends and business partners. A formal introduction of our South Cape Calendar will follow shortly in the local newspaper.

Please contact Hannes van der Walt directly on 044-874 0104 or send an email to

We look forward to your order.

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