Open letter to the Class of 2013 – Tertius Simmers

Class of 2013, your success story is in your hands. 

Tertuis Simmers

Over the next few weeks most scholars in their final year of high school will be embarking on a journey towards shaping their future and take the first of many steps towards the realization of their dreams.Thou these final exams can be testy and stressful at times to some, always remember to remain calm and focus on completing this last hurdle before entering the adult world.

Everything that you have been thought so far has prepared you for this moment, and by putting in that final bit of hard work, dedication and sacrifice you are assured of success.

““The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice”- Nathan W. Morris


Cllr. Tertuis A Simmers

DAY Federal Chairperson- Training & Development

DAY Regional Chairperson- East Region, WC

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