New Media24 app bundles thousands of stories

MyEdit icon_rgbMyEdit, the new smartphone and tablet app launched by Media24 this month, gives users news and stories tailored to their personal interests, and is a great new way to read their favourite South African magazines and newspapers.

“Installing MyEdit is extremely easy and hassle-free,” says Eckardt Kasselman, MyEdit’s frontend developer.

“And it’s free to download! All you have to do is go to the Android or Apple app stores, search for ‘MyEdit’, click ‘Download’ and follow the prompts.

Eckardt Kasselman
Eckardt Kasselman

“Alternatively, you can visit the website and click on the link to your app store. The website is very user friendly and a breeze to navigate – so you should have no problem finding what you need.”

Once the app has been downloaded, readers register as new users – either manually or through Facebook – and then select their favourite interests from 20 categories ranging from news and sport to fashion and food.

Once they have picked their categories, they will have access to thousands of stories from over 40 of South Africa’s top magazines, newspapers and blogs, says Kasselman.

“A selection of top-notch content from some of SA’s most popular publications will be made available for free on the app, with premium content available on subscription.”

Subscribers can choose between five affordable MyEdit bundles, which give them access to premium news and stories from their favourite magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites. They can also choose to sign up to individual feeds from these sources.

“Bundles are so convenient because they allow you to choose what content you want,” says Roann Louw, Project Manager: Visual Innovation for MyEdit.

Roann Louw
Roann Louw

“In this way you can ensure that you read only what you’re interested in.”

MyEdit’s premium-content bundle options:

The Light Bundle gives users access to premium content from any two feeds of their choice for only R15.99 per month.

The Compact Bundle gives users access to premium content from any five feeds of their choice for R48.99 per month.

The Select Bundle gives users access to premium content from any 10 feeds of their choice for R99.99 per month.

For R99.99 per month, users can subscribe to the Afrikaans Bundle, which gives them access to all premium content from all of MyEdit’s Afrikaans feeds.

The Premium Bundle gives users access to the entire range of MyEdit’s enriched, exclusive and featured content across all feeds for only R199.99 per month.

Go to or download MyEdit from the Apple App Store or via Google Play.

To view demo videos on how to subscribe to feeds, click here (English) or here (Afrikaans).



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