Get a Grip!

tccstMost of us already have experienced the positive energy 2014 is surrounding us with.  So let us add to that:

To shake hands means: ‘How do you do’, ‘Pleasure meeting you’, ‘Welcome to my world’, ‘I would like to do business with you’ and finally – ‘I am proud of myself and have confidence in approaching you’.  But how can you be proud of yourself when the hand you reach out is floppy and soppy? You may look confident, but when those two poles connect, it tells a different story. Why do men think that when they have to shake a woman’s hand, their grip must be floppy and soppy?  And why do women think that giving a floppy handshake is a feminine introduction?  I do not say that you must crush knuckles, but a poor handshake tells me you are lacking self esteem. Your handshake reflects who you are.  It says everything about your personality, determination and self respect. So, if you want to make a good impression this year, GET A GRIP!

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