Improve home security to enhance peace of mind

adt_a_tyco_business-logoFor many the holidays are coming to an end, and preparations for the return to work and school have begun. To enhance peace of mind, ADT Security has appealed to homeowners to use this time to ensure that their security measures are adequate, and in proper working order.

Martin Kriel, Managing Director of ADT in the East Coast Region suggests that a good start would be to test the alarm system and battery.

“Ideally this should be done at least two weeks before you return to work. Also, use the opportunity to check that your security provider has your most up-to-date work and cell phone numbers to contact you in the event of an emergency.”

He says another approach to an assessment of home security is to work from the outside in.

“Walk around the yard and garden and look for weak spots in the fence or where there is easy access for criminals to climb into and out of the property. Store valuables, such as bicycles and children’s toys, and anything that could be used to break into your home in a locked garage or shed.”

“Also check that locks on gates and doors – including on the garage – are in a good condition and cannot be easily forced or broken; and trim dense shrubbery near windows and doors to eliminate hiding places for criminals.”

The next step, Kriel says would be to evaluate security inside of the home.

“Check that all windows, outward-leading doors and safety gates close and lock properly. Fit a deadbolt to any sliding window or door that you are concerned could easily be lifted off its track.”

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