Reliance and Greenpop makes grand entrance onto Up The Creek Festival

For the first time ever, festival-goers at the annual Up The Creek festival will be given the chance to balance their ‘festival footprint’ – thanks to an inspiring venture dreamt up by the team at Reliance Compost and Greenpop, the greening partners of the event.

Jeremy Loops, one of the main must see acts, set to make the crowd ‘Howl’ all night long.
Jeremy Loops, one of the main must see acts, set to make the crowd ‘Howl’ all night long.

With one quick visit to the Reliance Carbon Offsetting Booth, visitors to the three day Breede River music and lifestyle festival can compensate for their festival carbon footprint, simply by completing a short questionnaire. Their answers will calculate the environmental impact of their lifestyle- and an assessment will be made, with the assistance of a handy Ipad App called GreenUp – designed to inspire humans to live a little greener and have fun doing it.  Then, it’s up to each person to help balance their footprint by contributing a small amount towards planting trees in under-greened areas with Greenpop, and the best part is they can party on with a clear conscience! With the added incentive of a free glass of wine, this initiative is expected to hit the right spot with festival-goers and to inspire them to up their ‘green living’ status at this year’s festival.

Reliance is well known for basing their operation on ‘green’ principles and recently achieved a milestone of diverting TEN MILLION cubic meters of the City’s green garden refuse from landfill. They are the ideal partner for Greenpop, the organizers of the Green Village at the Up The Creek festival. As the ‘green’ hub of thefestival, the Green Village will be promoting recycling, responsibility, respect for the area, as well as lots of green fun! Greenpop invites everyone to come and visit their cool photo booth for people to make green pledges and get creative. Be sure to also check out and chill out at the Reliance lounge at the riverside. And to top it off, on Saturday morning Greenpop will host a Talent Show at the Greenpop parklet. Anyone can sign up on Thursday/Friday to showcase their hidden talents. Don’t miss this one!

Up The Creek Festival will see visitors dancing in the fresh waters of the Breede River, with a line-up of only South Africa’s best!  So, getyour lilo and party pack together for a goosebump ride, a weekend of sheer exuberance. It’s the only place to be from 30 – 2 February! Reliance will once again make Up The Creek a Carbon Neutral event.

Festinos are reminded to check in at the Reliance Offsetting Booth when they arrive.  It’s the right thing to do.

The line-up:

Springbok Nude Girls; Gangs of Ballet; Jeremy Loops; Taxi Violence;  Black Cat Bones; Desmond & the Tutus; The Plastics; Shortstraw; Dave Ferguson;  Mean Black Mamba; Gerald Clark and The Dead Men; Beatenberg; Bed on Bricks; Feed the Wolf; Habit To;  Aidan Martin; Raoul and Black Friday; Akkedis; Piet Botha; Peter Mitchell;  Red Huxley;  After Robot;  Al Bairre;  DJ Dirtroad; Grassy Spark;  Beach Party;  Naming James; Matthew Mole;  Kite Rider;  Runaway Train Cult;  Coelacanth;  Stefan Dixon and The Anne Hirsch Show Live.

Up The Creek Festival, the only place to be from 30-2 February.
Up The Creek Festival, the only place to be from 30-2 February.
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