You are what you wear

tccstBefore we even open our mouths, we make an impression, favourable or unfavourable.  The clothes we wear often communicate our status in life and our degree of self-confidence.  Just from observing a person’s apparel, you may have said that the person ‘has class’ or ‘has no class’.  Author Alison Lurie, in her book The Language of Clothes, mentions that even before she’s close enough to talk to a person, she knows that individual’s sex, approximate age, and social status and has a fairly good idea of that person’s occupation, ethnic origin, personality, opinions, tastes, sexual desires, and current mood.

What you wear to work can be as important as your job performance.  According to a survey of over one hundred top executives of major corporations:

  • 96 Percent said that their employees had a better chance of getting ahead if they knew how to dress.
  • 72 Percent said they would stall the promotion of a person who didn’t dress properly.
  • 84 Percent turned down people who dressed improperly for job interviews.

When you step into a room, even though no one in that room knows you or has seen you before, they will make ten decisions about you based solely on your appearance.  To be successful in almost any endeavor, you must be sure that these decisions about your are favourable, because in  that first impression you make – YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR!

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