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tccstAlmost everyone would agree that making contacts and knowing the ‘right people’ are invaluable aids in moving ahead.  Making contacts can help you move ahead in your career and in many other ways.  Perhaps you or a relative is looking for part-time work; perhaps you want a letter of recommendation or introduction; perhaps you are seeking college admission or membership in a prestigious organisation.  Your chances of achieving these goals will be immensely improved if you know people in a position to help you.

You should realise that it’s no shame to ask for a favour.  What is a shame is to need something and not get it because you don’t know anyone who could possibly open some doors for you.

Since knowing the right people may make a significant impact on your life, you should strive to meet and interact with as many people as possible.  You never know when they may be able to ‘come through’ for you.  By the same token, you should be helpful to others whenever you can, because helping is a two-way street.

Your sincere desire and ability to meet people should become an integral part of your daily life.  The way to include them in your life is to communicate orally – speak, listen, question, answer and get involved.

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