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wiGroup-Logo-e1355126265168Marketers, brands and agencies wishing to tap into the potential of Mobile as part of their marketing strategies now have access to a handy new tool. The Mobile Marketing Matrix was developed by wiGroup to serve as a map for marketers to help plot out the most appropriate mobile tactics and channels to achieve their campaign objectives in 2014.

wiGroup Marketing and International Head Howard Moodycliffe says Mobile offers marketers a range of options that no other medium can match. “The mobile phone offers contextually-relevant information that satisfies a range of consumer need-states. But with so many options available – from QR codes and SMS to mobile payments and USSD – knowing which tactic or channel to employ at each stage of the buying process can be tricky. The Mobile Marketing Matrix simplifies the planning process.”

Marketers can match their objectives – whether it be Awareness, Engagement or Sales – to specific stages in the buying process to ensure their brands remain top-of-mind. They can then incentivise consumers to choose their product over competitors by delivering useful brand-related content at the right time. In this sense, marketers may choose to use mobisites and mobile apps to reach consumers using feature phones and smartphones who are in the pre-shop, in-store and purchasing stages of the buying process. Follow this up with an SMS and email after the sale is completed to close the loop and greatly boost brand loyalty.

“Technologies such as wiPlatform can then further be harnessed to deliver point-of-sale integrated mobile coupons and vouchers to influence the buying decision and gain a competitive edge over other brands, or to trigger instant mobile rewards based on actual spend, while contextually relevant mobile ads could sway a consumer’s decision in-store by delivering promotional content to a retailer’s branded mobile app,” explains Moodycliffe. “In our highly competitive retail environment, marketers should empower themselves to use every available avenue to grow their share of consumers’ attention. In South Africa, no technology has the potential for greater results than mobile.”

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About wiGroup

wiGroup is a pioneering software business, with a focus on the development of mobile transaction and application technology, while specializing on the integration into a retailers point of sale software. The company was founded in 2007, has over 35 000 hours of development IP, and provides a technology platform that performs as an aggregator and as an interoperable layer between retailers and mobile payment offerings, such as: Mobile in-store payments, mobile money transfer, mobile coupons / vouchers, and mobile loyalty. wiGroup also develop branded and tailored mobile application solutions for clients looking to offer a number of transactional services to customers, with a single customer view across all mobile channels.

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