Checklist for business letters

tccstAsk yourself:

Have I

  1. Prepared a letter that helps to create a good company image?
  2. Set out the letter in an up-to-date format?
  3. Catered for my reader’s needs?
  4. Addressed the reader by name or surname?
  5. Given the reader a clear subject-line that states what the letter covers?
  6. Created a good first impression in the first paragraph?
  7. Given the facts in a clear and logical order?
  8. Written the letter in a coherent way so that the reader can follow the arguments?
  9. Written in an effective closing paragraph that generates goodwill and tells the reader what to do next?
  10. Set out my letter in a highly readable way?
  11. Written my letter in a clear simple style?
  12. Chosen words for the right tone?
  13. Punctuated my letter well without any spelling or grammar mistakes?
  14. Kept the image and brand of my company to the standard it is expected to be?

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