Vox Telecom YahClick extending freeware hardware promotion

Vox_Telecom_smallVox Telecom is celebrating a successful first year of its YahClick satellite broadband solution by extending its promotion offering free hardware and installation on select packages, says YahClick Product Manager Jacques Visser – making this a good time to place an order.

Unlike conventional ADSL packages, YahClick makes use of a Ka-band satellite link rather than cables and can be used anywhere in the country – even in remote locations – making it a popular choice for use on farms, game reserves and rural businesses.

The promotion offers free hardware and installation (worth up to R12,500) to customers that sign a Business, Home 3Mbps or EasyBuy Premium Home 1Mbps package contract before the 10 March 2014. EasyBuy customers also have the option to add a Vox Telecom Supafone to the offer for R59 a month, which enables them to make phone calls using their broadband link, whilst the new Home 3Mbps service plan now offers a larger data allowance than before, which means that customers can download up to 25 Gigs of data before their download speed is affected.

Packages start from as little as R233 per month for home users, with download speeds ranging from 512Kbps to 15Mbps, depending on the service plan selected.

Visser says that there are also several additional benefits unique to the YahClick satellite solution. “We are the first provider in South Africa to adopt new router technology that is smaller, lighter and easier to install and maintain than the previous generation,” says Visser. “We expect that our new routers will lead to lower maintenance costs on average.”

To make use of the service, customers need a dish and a modem, which will be installed by one of hundreds of installers situated across the country.

Visser says YahClick is installing around 10 new satellite connections a day, mostly for farmers and other businesses in rural areas that are not well served by Telkom or 3G networks. “We now have 150 installers around South Africa, from Musina to Vredendal, who are well-trained, experienced, and close to their customers so they can respond quickly.”

“YahClick is the best value for money satellite option in South Africa, with the lowest price per GB of data,” says Visser. “We also offer the advantage of free access between 1am and 6am, and all uploads are free. It is the best broadband solution available to customers in rural areas or for urban businesses that need a reliable back-up connection. ”

Terms and conditions apply. For further details, visit www.yahclick.co.za.

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