Atanxian miniature poodles

1My aim is to establish new, strong and healthy breeding lines in silver, apricots and phantom miniature poodles.  Something which is sorely missed in South Africa. That is a lifetime commitment on my part.

About miniature poodles.

Poodles are in the top 5 of intelligent breeds. Due to their intelligence they are quickly trained, learn new things fast and understand a large vocabulary of words spoken regularly compared to other breeds.

I prefer miniature poodles for obvious reasons:-

  • They have less genetic health issues.
  • They are the perfect size to jump in and out of the car without injuring themselves or the car.
  • They are very affectionate and love to cuddle and sit on your lap.
  • Miniature poodles are very protective of their families and surroundings and therefore make excellent watch dogs. What they lack in brute strength they make up for in other ways.
  • Miniature poodles are not “yappy” dogs like their smaller counterparts or as boisterous and aggressive as standard poodles.
  •  They have been known to wake their owners with growling at the threat of an intruder. I am aware of a case where the miniature poodle slept with the diabetic son and would wake the mom up at night when the sons sugar levels dropped in the night.
  • Miniature poodles are excellent at obedience and agility classes. They enjoy the challenge and stimulation of participating in these events and do very well.
  • Poodles have hair and not fur so make excellent pets for people suffering from allergies and asthma. They also don’t drop fur all over your furniture.
  • Their human family becomes their pack and they love playing with children. They are not outside yard dogs.
  • They love going to the beach and going for walks yet will also lie and watch movies with the family. They make excellent companions to the aged.

Atanxian miniature poodles.

The name was derived out of my name Tania and my daughters name Xia – hence Atanxian.

How did I get involved with poodles?

I grew up around dogs and eventually only poodles, my mom being a KUSA registered breeder since 1973. I suppose in the progression of things it’s only natural for me to continue improving the breed with the same passion and love as she has done. Hopefully this will pass on to my daughter. Xia is and has been hands on with the poodles from a very young age.

Atanxian miniature poodles are bred, raised, socialised and loved with the intention of producing not only poodles of exceptional quality but also with loving temperaments and all round well balanced dogs.

Our puppies spend the first weeks of their lives in my bedroom next to my bed where they can receive the love, attention and gentle handling that produces the confidence and well rounded temperaments that our dogs are known for.

The next stage of their development comes from socialising the puppies in the same environment as the adult dogs. Here they learn to become confident, independent little poodle beings.

I allow my mommy dogs to decide for themselves when they ready to wean and leave their puppies. Some mommies will love and play with their pups long after they’re eating solids. I believe it’s important for the puppies to learn skills and be disciplined by the mommies necessary for their interaction and development as confident well rounded adult dogs.

They are stimulated with toys and games- thats where my children come in handy. Every step of their development is handled with the goal and intention in mind of producing poodles with affectionate and good temperaments.

It is with this hands on approach that I become intimately involved with each puppies individual personality and can then place them in the correct family environment that best suits their uniqueness, personality and temperament.

My family does not take their responsibility towards our poodles lightly, we all have our part to play in the end result. Our puppies are used to being loved, played with and handled with care.

By the time an Atanxian KUSA registered puppy is ready for its new forever home it will have been vet checked, dewormed, inoculated and micro chipped. They will be eating dry food (Royal Canin) and be somewhat paper trained for their 8 weeks of age. House training is a process that requires time and patience. As like a baby puppies only learn to control their bladders etc from 6 months on. Although it is possible to house train them younger. Violence and smacking should never be part of the house training routine. For tips on puppy stages of development please check out . All our puppies are sold with a T&C ”s contract and to approved homes only.

Tania Cronje

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