The benefits of high quality customer service

tccstRegardless of the kind of work you perform within an organization, you have customers who need to be satisfied: Those who depend on you.

Employees who make it a practice to meet the needs of customers are generally happier and more productive, and enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment in their jobs.  The reason is that employees who make customer service top priority are often the beneficiaries of the thanks and praise of satisfied customers.

A high-quality customer service culture has the following characteristics:

  • Company representatives at all levels maintain a courteous and responsive attitude toward customers and want to be of real assistance to them.
  • Top management is fully committed to maintaining a program of high-quality customer service.
  • All persons in the company know that they are in the service business – not anything else.
  • Every manager knows exactly what the customer expects and has developed the systems and processes necessary to meet those expectations.
  • There’s substantial flexibility in meeting the needs of customers.
  • The product or service is continuously improved to meet the changing needs of the customer.
  • Important decisions are customer-driven instead of product-driven.
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