What is No Exam Life Insurance and How Can It Help Your Family?

guest-postHaving life insurance is essential for the well-being of your family and loved ones. No exam life insurance pays out a death benefit if and after you die. This death benefit can be used by your beneficiaries to cover important financial expenses.

If you want to protect your family from unforeseen tragedies, make sure you buy proper coverage.

                Does your family need life insurance?

Many households depend on two salaries, some even on one. If a spouse dies, the other family members will be emotionally, but also financially affected. Without a steady income, an average family will not be able to cover funeral taxes or other daily living expenses.

If your household savings are enough to last your family for several months and cover your funeral takes, then you do not need life coverage. However, most families do not have a small fortune deposited in a bank account. Life insurance is always a reliable financial safety net.

                What can life insurance do for your family?

If you suffer an untimely death, your family will have to file an insurance claim and receive insurance proceedings. The death benefit is not taxable and your beneficiaries can spend the money on whatever they like. There is nothing, and I cannot stress this enough, obliging your beneficiaries to spend the insurance money on a certain thing.

Your family can use the benefit provided by an agency to cover important expenses such as:

  • Mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are an important expense and by having life coverage, you can make sure your loved ones will be able to keep the house.
  • College tuition costs. Provide the best education for your children!
  • Funeral expenses. A burial ceremony can cost over $10,000. This is a big expense which is best covered by a life insurance plan!
  • Daily living expense. Your family will still need food, clothes and utilities. All of these can be paid for by using the money from insurance proceedings.

                Why no medical exam life insurance?

We live in a busy world and sometimes, we do not have time for purchasing a life insurance plan. However, this is no excuse for going on without coverage. The solution would be to purchase a plan that has a simple application process.

No exam life insurance is a new product, but it is already becoming very popular. These policies do not require medical examinations! You will not have to wait in lines or go thorough tiring medical tests. The policy can be purchased online. In order to qualify for coverage, you have to complete a simple medical questionnaire.

By comparing life insurance quotes you can find affordable life insurance without medical examinations. These plans can guarantee a death benefit as high as $300,000.  They can provide temporary or permanent coverage and they are accessible for seniors and people who have health problems.

If you want to learn more about no medical exam life insurance, visit our website! We do not sell insurance, but we can help you find the best available rates!

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