David Meulen – single now on radio & back from Abbey Road Studios UK

Back from lectures at Abbey Road Studios & single now on radio! 

Singer songwriter David Meulen`s impressive debut solo album titled @davidmeulen was released in April 2014. The catchy single “Remember Me?” has been lapped up by radio and can currently be heard on KFM, Highveld Stereo, East Coast Radio, MFM, Puk Fm, RMR, UCT Radio and various community radio stations nationwide.

“He’s quirky, enigmatic, and charismatic and can play a mean guitar.”- Simone Factor, Fanbase Music Magazine.  Photo: Laura Mc Cullagh
“He’s quirky, enigmatic, and charismatic and can play a mean guitar.”- Simone Factor, Fanbase Music Magazine. Photo: Laura Mc Cullagh

Link to listen to the single: “Remember Me?”: https://soundcloud.com/davidmeulen/remember-me-radio-edit

The 12 track album features an eclectic mix of well-known artists. Legendary Johnny Clegg drummer Barry Van Zyl features prominently on drums and percussion, with Dirty Skirts virtuoso Maurice Paliaga and Kyle Dijkstra (live show bassist for David Meulen) coming in to create a solid backbone. Evelyn Hart provides an alternate bass sound on the lower register of her piano. The blues harp king Lonesome Dave Ferguson appears on a few of the bluesier tracks. Close friend and poet Jessi Howell came in to collaborate on the lyrics in some of the songs. She also created the characters that are featured on the album cover.

David’s passion for music can be traced back to when he discovered The Beatles at the age of six: “I love The Beatles. They make me utterly happy. I first heard a song of theirs on the radio and I was sold – this was a good 30 years after they broke up! I started playing guitar a week later.”

Earlier this month, David attended lectures in the UK by former Abbey Road Engineer Ken Scott at Abbey Road`s famous Studio 2 . There were also lectures by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, authors of critically acclaimed book Recording the Beatles.

David enjoyed the experience thoroughly:  “Abbey Road has always been a dream destination. Being a thorough Beatle maniac since the age of 6, this was a Wonka’s Golden Ticket for me – the chance of a lifetime; to be inside the actual studio that captured some of the most recognised songs in existence and learn how they work, how they did it and how they’re still doing it. As a pioneering studio they’re at the very top, and they’ve captured the sounds of the biggest musicians ever to hit the world.

The lectures focused mainly on the advances of recording since way back in the Gramophone days (Abbey Road being at the forefront of moving toward tape recording, and later digital). Discussing in depth, some of the recording techniques used by the most creative groups in history, gave a thrilling behind-the-scenes feel to some of the most musically brilliant albums and songs the world has ever known.

The mystique of Abbey Road studios unravelled and revealed what I already knew it would be. The stories were very interesting, for instance: When using analogue tape recording equipment you’re very limited with what you can do post-recording. The Beatles, in well known track Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, recorded Lennon’s vocals and McCartney’s bass before everything else. The take was much slower and sung deeper than the version we know.  Then, using a machine Lennon found lying around, he figured that by speeding up and slowing the recording, a phasing effect becomes evident on the vocals, as well as making the pitch higher into the version we know and love. This is a great example of how something very commonplace in studios nowadays was brought to life in the 60’s.

As a musician, it was an unrivalled experience. As a person, a Beatle maniac and a Pink Floyd fanatic – well, it was mind-blowing.”

Together with his band, drummer Jay Latter and bassist Kyle Dijkstra, David`s music will leave you with a strong urge to sing and dance and have a fantastic time. The trio will be gigging throughout 2014.

Behind the Scenes video at David`s Cd Launch at Roodebloem Studios, Woodstock:


Links to David`s recent live performances on Expresso SABC 3 :



Upcoming shows:

Thurs 29 May: Jackal & Hide, Kloof Street, Gardens   20:30   Free entrance.

Mon 02 June  Barleycorn Music Club, Newlands  20:00   Free entrance.

Fri 13 Jun:   Dizzy’s Late Night Pub, Camps Bay    21:30   Cover Charge R20

More information and social media:


Website:    http://www.davidmeulen.com/

Twitter:      @davidmeulen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidmeulenmusic

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