Enhance your safety while training for the Comrades

adt_a_tyco_business-logoAround 18 000 runners will hit the road in the 2014 Comrades Marathon on Sunday 01 June 2014. The route is nearly 90 kilometres long and extends from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.

As athletes intensify their training ahead of race day, a private security company is urging them to bear safety in mind.

“Many runners will likely squeeze in additional training in the early morning or in the evening,” says Martin Kriel, Managing Director of ADT Security’s East Coast Region. “At this time of year, there are fewer daylight hours and it is necessary to always be aware of what is happening around you.”

He says the safety of your home and loved ones while you are out for a run is equally as important. “Even if you will only be away for an hour; always arm the alarm system before you leave and check that you have properly locked the front door and gate behind you.”

Kriel adds that there are a number of practical tips athletes can follow to ensure they are safe while training.

–       Always let someone know when you are heading out, and when you expect you will be back; if you do not return as scheduled, the alarm can be raised immediately.

–       Ensure that your cell phone battery is fully charged before you leave home.

–       Take along enough money to be able to make a phone call or to catch a taxi if necessary.

–       Do not go out alone; invite a family member or friend along or join a running club.

–       Wear bright reflective clothing so that motorists are able to see you easily.

–       Vary your route often and avoid deserted areas.

–       Do not listen to music while running; you may not hear an oncoming vehicle, a potential attacker or a vicious dog.

–       Regardless of whether you train in the morning or evening, leave an outside light on if you expect you will return when it is dark.

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