Video conferencing soon to be the most preferred method of collaboration

Richard Henn
Richard Henn

By 2016, video conferencing is expected to be the world’s most preferred method of collaboration ahead of email and voice, and line-of-business executives will take the lead decision-maker role in more than half of these investments, according to a 2013 Gartner survey.

Distance can play the role of enemy to many businesses – aside from the kilometers that may exist between boardroom A and conference room B, it can also create a misunderstanding between hypothesis and proof; time that passes between diagnosis and cure, revisions that multiply between “easy fix” and major bug, says Richard Henn, CEO of Kathea Communications.

With work that is mission critical, the clarity of sound and picture matters. For maximum efficiency, businesses should ideally be connected anytime, anywhere and from any device. Video conferencing can assist in defying distance, and improves efficiency and productivity.

A collaborative approach enables businesses and internal departments to enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate decision-making. Businesses can engage better with stakeholders at all levels by enabling on-demand-life-like communication between agencies, businesses and citizens.

In the past. visual collaboration specialists would attempt to convince businesses that video conferencing was stable and secure and the conversation used to be one of justifying the use case for video adoption.  However, mindsets have slowly shifted. Purchasing video is no longer an ‘if’ but ‘when’, and businesses are wanting a  consultative approach on best practice, procurement and integration of these solutions.

Video conferencing can deliver measureable results, and gives a company the critical edge by producing faster and more successful outcomes. Video conferencing allows you to share concepts, data and ideas in real time, thus creating the opportunity for rich dialogue that enables faster decision making.

Boilerplate About Kathea
Kathea is South Africa’s most established and respected visual collaboration specialist provider, with a history that extends back to 1996, when the first seeds of interactive video conferencing were conceived. Kathea is the master distributor of Polycom in Southern Africa and the only provider offering the full range of Polycom solutions. Kathea is a leader in innovation and their success is reflected by the caliber of their customers, who include SME’s, public sector organisations and more than 90% of South Africa’s Top 40 listed companies.

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