Fixtures: U18 Boys IPT

The fixtures for the national Under-18 Boys Inter-Provincial Hockey Tournament taking place in Durban from 30 June – 05 July 2014.


The 2014 Boys U18 Hockey IPT will be hosted by Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg. Fixtures for the first four days have been announced with the remaining two day’s games being the quarterfinals and semifinals.

This tournament promises exciting, top-level schoolgirl hockey, with 24 provincial teams from across South Africa competing. Western Province will be out to defend their title from 2013, where they defeated KZN Coastal in the final.

Section A Section B
Pool A Pool B Pool X Pool Y
Boland A Southern Free State Eastern Gauteng Northern Cape
Northern Blues A KZN Inland A Boland B Northern Free State
South Gauteng A KZN Coastal A KZN Coastal B North West
Western Province A Amathole A Limpopo South Gauteng B
Northern Blues B SWD Mpumalanga Amathole B
Eastern Province A Western Province B Eastern Province B KZN Inland B

Day 1, Monday 30 June

Time Fixture
07:30 Northern Blues A vs Eastern Province A
07:30 Boland B vs Eastern Gauteng
08:50 Boland A vs South Gauteng A
08:50 Mpumalanga vs Eastern Province B
10:10 Southern Free State vs Amathole A
10:10 Amathole B vs Northern Cape
11:30 KZN Inland A vs Western Province B
11:30 North West vs KZN Inland B
12:50 SWD vs KZN Coastal A
12:50 Limpopo vs KZN Coastal B
14:10 Northern Blues B vs Western Province A
14:10 Northern Free State vs South Gauteng B
15:30 Boland A vs Northern Blues A
15:30 Boland B vs Mpumalanga
16:50 KZN Inland A vs Southern Free State
18:10 Amathole B vs North West

Day 2, Tuesday 1 July

Time Fixture
07:30 Western Province B vs SWD
07:30 KZN Inland B vs Amathole B
08:50 Southern Free State vs KZN Coastal A
08:50 Northern Cape vs Northern Free State
10:10 Amathole A vs KZN Inland A
10:10 North West vs South Gauteng B
11:30 Eastern Province A vs Boland A
11:30 Mpumalanga vs KZN Coastal B
12:50 Northern Blues A vs Western Province A
12:50 Eastern Gauteng vs Limpopo
14:10 South Gauteng A vs Northern Blues B
14:10 Eastern Province B vs Boland B
15:30 KZN Coastal A vs Western Province B
15:30 Northern Free State vs KZN Inland B
16:50 SWD vs Amathole A
18:10 South Gauteng B vs Northern Cape

Day 3, Wednesday 2 July

Time Fixture
07:30 Boland A vs Northern Blues B
07:30 Boland B vs Limpopo
08:50 Western Province A vs Eastern Province A
08:50 Eastern Gauteng vs Mpumalanga
10:10 South Gauteng vs Northern Blues A
10:10 KZN Coastal B vs Eastern Province B
11:30 KZN Inland A vs SWD
11:30 Northern Cape vs North West
12:50 Western Province B vs Southern Free State
12:50 Amathole B vs Northern Free State
14:10 KZN Coastal A vs Amathole A
14:10 South Gauteng B vs KZN Inland B
15:30 KZN Coastal A vs Amathole A
15:30 South Gauteng B vs KZN Inland B
16:50 Northern Blues B vs Eastern Province A
18:10 Limpopo vs Eastern Province B

Day 4, Thursday 3 July

Time Fixture
08:30 KZN Coastal A vs KZN Inland A
08:30 North West vs Northern Free State
09:50 Southern Free State vs SWD
09:50 South Gauteng vs Amathole B
11:15 Western Province A vs Boland A
11:15 KZN Coastal B vs Boland B
12:35 Eastern Province A vs South Gauteng A
12:35 KZN Inland B vs Northern Cape
14:00 Northern Blues A vs Northern Blues A
14:00 Eastern Province A vs Eastern Gauteng
15:20 Amathole A vs Western Province B
15:20 Mpumalanga vs Limpopo

*Friday and Saturday’s playoff fixtures to be announced once the round robin phase is complete

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