Up The Creek tickets now available

Jägermeister presents Up the Creek 2015 – it`s a festival:

29 January – 1 February 2014


25th Birthday – Party like you own it!

Up The Creek would like to thank every single person that attended Up The Creek 2014 – our first ever sold out event – what fun we had! The good news is that in 2015 we will be doing it all over again: a cocktail of superb live acts; all day activities and wacky antics at our flam-buoy-ant river stage. Jeepers Creekers, 2015 is also our 25th birthday – we are going out to town!… well, of course not literally… but be assured that the twinkly platteland stars will shine down brightly on the happiest, unhinged valley in the Malgas area. UTC 2015 will most certainly be a joyous doozy* madventure! So leave the gobbledygook* of everyday life behind; grab your sunblock, bling bikini, funky lilo and buddy and head on over to the land of collywobbles* and callipygians* – your ultimate music and party getaway weekend awaits!

Ticket sales open on Monday 28 July: R750.00 at http://utc.nutickets.co.za/ – Tickets are for whole weekend access only (arrive any day Thurs – Sun).  We will keep next year’s festival the same comfortable fit you’ve come to love; so don’t be namby –pampy* and lolligag*, get your tickets lickety-split* to avoid disappointment. No smellfungi* or snollygosters*! Due to strict rules enforced by the liquor board, we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate under 18`s at Up the Creek 2015.

Graceland Tent:
R3350 for two (Thurs-Sun)

Cadillac Tent

R2750 for two (Thurs-Sun)

For more info and bookings go here

25 Years and the Giving Keeps Going…

If you’re a die-hard Up The Creek regular, or even a first timer, and your heart beats to the tune of laid-back lilo fun and sweet South African sing songs, then make sure you sign up for an Up The Creek 2015 Sticker and stand the chance of winning awesome prizes!

Find us on Facebook and enter via the #CreekSpotter app from August onwards. We’ll mail (yes post, not email) you your very own Up The Creek 2015 sticker for your car. There will be monthly prizes and festival tickets for both those who stick and spot.

Type, mail, stick, click. Good luck!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UpTheCreek.MusicFestival

Twitter: @Upthe_Creek

*If the Up The Creek slang was a bit too bedoozling, here’s page 1 of your new pocket dictionary:

Callipygianadj. Having an attractive rear end or nice buns.  

Collywobblesnoun. Butterflies in the stomach.

Doozy noun. Something really great.

Gobbledygook noun. Nonsense, balderdash.      

Lickety-split adverb. As fast as possible.

Lollygagverb. To move slowly, fall behind.

Namby-pambyadj. Weak, with no backbone.

Smellfungusnoun. Perpetual pessimist.

Snollygosters noun. People who can’t be trusted.


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