Allergy season is upon us

bedsbusSpring is around the corner. Finally some fun in the sun, right? But for those who are burdened by seasonal or permanent allergies it’s no smiles. BEDS B’ US, your local bed specialist store, is to the rescue. We have some great solutions to brighten up your day. If you or your loved ones suffer from Asthma, Eczema, Chronic Sinusitis, Hay fever or are allergic to Dust mites & Bedbugs then pay attention!

One of the most inhabited areas of your home is the bedroom and more specifically your mattress. We’re not saying you should replace your bed or mattress. If there’s nothing wrong with it, why should you. But are you taking all the necessary precautions to make it an allergy free zone for your family? Besides, prescription medicine is not a cure for what lurks in and around your bed. These microscopic creatures are what’s most probably aggravating any of the above allergic conditions. Our advice. Ad the following steps to your Spring Cleaning regime this season:

Step 1: UV-C Sanitise your mattress, it’s the only way. No domestic vacuum or steamer can or will ever eradicate or sterilize bacteria or allergens from your mattress. Why? They are simply not designed specifically for mattress sanitisation and microscopic absorption. BEDS B’ US offers a professional UV-C Sterilization service, using specialist technology which is odourless, non-toxic, uses no moisture and has zero lead time.

Step 2: Protect your mattress & pillows with an internationally tried and tested anti-allergy specific protector. Its specially designed Miracle Membrane creates a dust mite barrier and allergy protection.

Step 3: Make sure to wash & replace your linen correctly. You should dress your mattress with fresh linen at least once a week. A natural fibre like 100% pure Cotton is preferred for allergy sufferers. Use detergent sparingly, as strong chemicalised detergents can worsen allergies. Opt for bio/organic detergents instead.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 ideally every 6 months or at least every 12 months, depending on: how often the mattress is slept on or used; the severity of the allergy; the level of personal perspiration, etc.

All of the above bedroom and mattress products & services are available @ BEDS B’ US.

Geniet die oorblywende koue weer met ‘n gesellige vuurtjie, warm sjokolade en ‘n goeie fliek!

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