General mistakes in communication

tccstRead the following mistakes we make in communication, and indicate the ones you make regularly.  Try to eliminate these mistakes and improve your communication with others.

  • You do not organize your thoughts before you speak.
  • You include too many (irrelevant) ideas in your messages.
  • Your statements do not contain enough information or repetition to be understandable.
  • You ignore the amount of information the receiver already has about the subject.
  • Your message is not appropriate to the frame of reference of the receiver.
  • You don’t give your undivided attention to the sender.
  • You start thinking of a possible answer instead of listening to the entire message.
  • You listen for detail instead of the full message.
  • You evaluate whether the sender is right or wrong before you understand the full message correctly.
  • You ignore or reject the feelings and message of others.
  • You only give advice or false compliments.
  • You change or sidestep the subject easily.
  • You use general and unclear terms.
  • You are sarcastic.
  • You give commands e.g. “Shut up”.
  • You threaten, e.g. “If you don’t, I will…..”
  • You ask forgiveness for being human.
  • You make assumptions rather than ensuring that you have all the facts.
  • You keep quiet about things which bother you.
  • You act in rage, attack, condemn or humiliate: “This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.
  • You speak on behalf of others.
  • You are not specific.
  • You interrupt others.
  • You complete sentences for them.
  • You blame.
  • You accuse.
  • You use emotional blocks:  words which lead to negative feelings and inhibit your listening e.g. “You never listen ……”

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