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free-online-propertyMany private sellers of property today choose to advertise on websites offering free postings / listings of their property. There are many such websites in South Africa offering private sellers just that – a portal to do their own listings and advertise their farms, houses, apartments, townhouses, office spaces etc.

The problem with these websites is that they are offered free to both private sellers as well as estate agents and the property industry. This always results in “over saturation” of properties for sale, with as much as 90% of the properties showcased being from estate agents. Thus the private seller’s personal listings become bloated which results in poor buyer enquiries aimed towards the private seller.

A semi-retired principal property practitioner from Ramsgate has noticed this when talking to private sellers. Many private sellers were saying that they wished to conclude the sale themselves to save on commission during hard times. This is, after all the prerogative of the private seller. If they chose to go it themselves, they are more than entitled to. He noticed the same pattern however. Many admitted that there were very few or no enquiries received from purchasers, but almost all were enquiries from estate agents looking to canvass their properties.

He then decided on a first for South Africa! A website specifically designed for private sellers only. He also stated that the success has been excellent! Free Online Property Listings also offers private sellers free professional advice including legal property matters. Please see

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