4Di Privaca – Unique offerings and a First foray into Africa

4diprivacaOver the last few years the Information Security industry has evolved to become far more than just about technology. Today, the discipline encompasses capabilities that speak to Risk, Audit, Legislation and Governance. Information Security practitioners are expected to have a grasp on the myriad of challenges faced by organisations in today’s digital world.  From understanding the rapid paced world of growing technologies, to keeping abreast of risk management practices, audit frameworks and governance mandates, many of which are industry specific while others are broad based.

The challenge is to ensure a solid foundation in the sciences of information and data, both from a technology and a business perspective – as well as being able to successfully grasp subtle concepts that also influence the integrity of the information that they are tasked to secure.

4Di Privaca is specifically geared to deal with these concepts of information security and privacy, with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organisations when it comes to ensuring the security and integrity of what really is the currency of the digital age:  information.  The company houses extensive expertise across all disciplines that encompass information security with technologists, auditors, engineers, legal expertise as well as consultancy excellence. 4Di Privaca trades in the knowledge economy with diverse services that address each and every challenge that businesses face in ensuring they operate in as close to a risk free environment as possible.

The benefits of partnering with an Independent consultancy are many; obviously there is its independence, but also access to a  valuable skill-set that allows for diversity and expertise with an added bonus of international exposure and a track record to meet any challenge that a company has when dealing with information security and privacy. With access to industry leading consultants, 4Di Privaca are able to solve organisations individual challenges objectively and effectively, which when measured against traditional service providers who focus on specific problem sets allows an organisation to successfully realise a return on investment. By reducing the operating costs of any organisation and the associated risk exposure, they allow businesses to focus on delivering their key value proposition.

4Di Privaca has a partner centric approach which allows other organisations to leverage the specialist skills in Information Security and Privacy that 4Di Privaca have and in doing so add value to their own offerings, thereby, offering a complete service catalogue to their own clients. Typical examples include information security risk assessments aligned to international standards, specialist data protection services, ethical hacking and penetration testing, security solution architecture, fraud prevention as well as identity and access governance.

4Di Privaca’s approach to business challenges, service delivery, and the methodologies they employ on their services engagements to meet these challenges are of an international standard.  Although their footprint is uniquely South African, 4Di Privaca are making the first forays into Africa with demand for some of their services coming from as far afield as Europe.

About 4Di Privaca

Established in 2012 as the first of its kind in South Africa, 4Di Privaca is a specialist Information Security and Privacy practice. 4Di Privaca offers corporates, government and any organisation responsible for the safekeeping of personal information and digital assets, a broad solution for Information Security management, Privacy and Governance, Risk and Compliance, without having to engage with multiple suppliers across different disciplines. 4Di Privaca is supported by iViZ, the cloud based automated penetration testing system for which the Group has secured the distribution rights for Africa.

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