New Amendments to Labour Legislation

labour-guideThe President assented to the Labour Relations Amendment Act on 17 August 2014. The Department of Labour indicated that they are currently working on the regulations that will accompany the newly-signed law before it is promulgated.

In addition The Department of Labour indicated that they will approach the President with the hope that it would be signed before the beginning of October 2014.

Labour Guide received numerous requests for training on this subject matter. We are committed to deliver a quality service that offers the best value for delegates and have decided not to commence with training before there are more clarity or before the actual date of promulgation.  We believe that it will be more beneficial to delegates to work with facts rather than to speculate on dates of a possible date for promulgation.

Kindly follow this link for more information and/or the outline of the workshop.  Labour Guide will commence with training once the new amendments are promulgated “Preliminary” bookings can also be made by completing the relevant booking form.

We will contact with you and inform you of the confirmed date as soon as available. (hopefully before 1 October 2014)

For more information please contact


Trade Unions & Organizational Rights

  1. Amendment of section 21 – Exercise of rights conferred by this Part
  2. Amendment of section 22 – Disputes about organisational rights
  3. Amendment of section 32 – Extension of collective agreement concluded in bargaining council
  4. Amendment of section 49 – Representativeness of council
  5. Amendment of section 51 – Dispute resolution functions of council
  6. Amendment of section 65 – Limitations on right to strike or recourse to lockout
  7. Amendment of section 67 – Strike or lockout in compliance with this Act
  8. Amendment of section 69 – Picketing
  9. Amendment of section 111 – Appeals from registrar’s decision

The CCMA, arbitration awards, rescission and review proceedings

  1. Amendment of section 115 – Functions of Commission
  2. Amendment of section 138 – General provisions for arbitration proceedings
  3. Amendment of section 143 – Effect of arbitration awards
  4. Amendment of section 144 – Variation and rescission of arbitration awards
  5. Amendment of section 145 – Review of arbitration awards
  6. Amendment of section 147 – Performance of dispute resolution functions by Commission in exceptional circumstances
  7. Substitution of section 150 – Commission may appoint commission to conciliate in public interest

The Labour Court

  1. Amendment of section 157 – Jurisdiction of Labour Court
  2. Amendment of section 158 – Powers of Labour Court
  3. Amendment of section 161 – Representation before Labour Court


  1. Amendment of section 186 – Meaning of dismissal
  2. Amendment of section 187 – Automatically unfair dismissals
  3. Amendment of section 188A – Agreement for pre-dismissal arbitration
  4. Amendment of section 189A – Retrenchments
  5. Amendment of section 190 – Date of dismissal
  6. Amendment of section 191 – Disputes about unfair dismissals

Temporary Employment Service Providers (Labour Brokers) and Fixed term Contracts

  1. Amendment of section 198 – Temporary Employment Services
  2. Insertion of sections 198A to 198D
  • Application of section 198 to employees earning below earnings threshold – 198 “temporary service”
  • Insertion of section 198 B: Fixed term contracts with employees below earnings threshold
  • Insertion of section 198 C – Part – time employment of employees earning below earnings threshold
  • Insertion of section 198 D General provisions applicable to sections 198 A to 198C
  1. Amendment of section 200A – Presumption as to who is an employee

29.  Insertion of section 200B – Liability for employer’s obligations


  1. Amendment of section 1 – Definitions
  2. Insertion of section 33A – Prohibited conduct by employer
  3. Substitution of section 43 – Prohibition of (employment of) children
  4. Substitution of section 44 – Employment of children of 15 years or older
  5. Substitution of section 45 – Medical examinations
  6. Amendment of section 46 – Prohibitions
  7. Substitution of section 47 – Evidence of age
  8. Amendment of section 55 – Making of sectoral determination
  9. Amendment of section 68 – Securing an undertaking
  10. Amendment of section 69 – Compliance order
  11. Amendment of section 70 – Limitations
  12. Repeal of 71 – Objections to compliance order and section 72 – Appeals from order of Director-General
  13. Substitution of section 73 – Order may be made order of Labour Court
  14. Amendment of section 74 – Consolidation of proceedings
  15. Amendment of section 77 – Jurisdiction of Labour Court
  16. Amendment of section 93 – Penalties
  17. Amendment schedule 2


Attendees will fully understand the changes that are to be made to the Labour Relations Act as well as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, enabling them to effective manage the impact these changes may have on their businesses / organization.


  •  R 1980-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate
  •  Price include course material, certificates of attendance, legislation and catering/ refreshments
  •  Safe and secure parking

For further information contact:

Kindly follow this link for more information and/or the outline of the workshop.  Labour Guide will commence with training once the new amendments are promulgated “Preliminary” bookings can also be made by completing the relevant booking form.

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