50 medals for Athletics SWD at SA Cross Country Champs

ASWD-01-300x300Athletics SWD athletes won 50 medals on Saturday at the SA Cross Country National Championships.

Daneil Tieties                    Gold      Boys 8/1km

Euline Swarts                    Gold      Girls 8/1km

Mursha Jooste                  Gold      Girls 9/2km

Cashline Snyers                7th           Girls 9/2km

Abunathi Ntuli                   8th           Boys 9/2km

Jeffrey Willemse              10th         Boys 9/2km

Henriette VD Ros            Silver    Girls 10/2km

Jandri Snyders                  Bronze  Girls 10/2km

Ebigail Kaptein                   4th           Girls 10/2km

Johandri-Ann Botha        7th           Girls 10/2km

Shaylon Lombaard           4th           Boys 10/2km

Gareth Kruger                   7th           Boys 10/2km

Nathan Olivier                   9th           Boys 10/2km

Dylan Smit                           7th           Boys 11/3km

Luther Blaauw                   9th           Boys 11/3km

Berbeto Jansen                10th         Boys 11/3km

Malvin Visser                    Bronze  Boys 12/3km

Shane Fredericks             5th           Boys 12/3km

Lazlo Paulsen                     10th         Boys 12/3km

Lisma Jacobs                      8th           Girls 13/3km

Waldo Kaptein                 Silver    Boys 13/4km

Elnico Pieters                     5th           Boys 13/4km

Zavian Le Roux                  6th           Boys 13/4km

Wesley Olivier                   8th           Boys13/4km

Kirwin Baadjies                 10th         Boys13/4km

Britney-Ann Meyer         6th           Girls 14/4km

Marrida Leen                     Silver    Girls 17/4km

Ruben Dlepu                     Bronze  Boys 17/6km

Jeremy Seekoei                8th           Boys 17/6km

Jansen Darries                   9th           Junior Men/8km

Lana Theunissen              4th           Women 40/4km

Annatjie Botes                  Gold      Women 55/4km

Shirley Lottering               7th           Women 65/4km

Girls 8 Team                       Silver (4) – Daneil Tieties, Tamlyn Swarts, Angelique Nuwegeld and Luchanay Telles

Boys 8 Team                       Bronze (4) – Euline Swarts, Ntando George, Jermaine Murray and Elnito Esbach

Girls 9 Team                       Gold (4) – Mursha Jooste, Casline Snyers, Leanne Jacobs and Carmen Snell

Boys 9 Team                       Bronze (4) – Abunathi Ntuli, Jeffrey Willemse, William De Wee and Antonio Olivier

Girls 10 Team                     Gold (4) – Henriette VD Ros, Jandri Snyders, Ebigail Kaptein and Johandri-Ann Botha

Boys 10 Team                    Silver (4) – Shaylon Lombaard, Gareth Kruger, Nathan Olivier and Elrich Pedro

Boys 11 Team                    Bronze (4) – Dylan Smit, Luther Blaauw, Berberto Jansen and Jaiden Van Reenen

Boys 12 Team                    Silver (4) – Malvin Visser, Shane Fredericks, Lazlo Paulsen, Eldigo Jonas

Girls 13 Team                     Brozne (4) – Lisma Jacobs, Jolene Balie, Zainel Spogter and Natasha Kruger

Boys 13 Team                    Gold (4) – Waldo Kaptein, Elnico Pieters, Zavian Le Roux and Wesley Olivier

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