Electronic Reporting of COID Claims

labour-guideThe new Umehluko system is an Electronic Integrated Claims Management System. It enables the user to capture certain information quicker and thereby speeding up the entire claims processing function (turnaround time for claims).

It can be used  by employers, medical service providers or representatives and has been designed to capture information relating to an occupational injuries; diseases and fatalities.

Advantages for employers:

The system enables employers to electronically register claims for injuries on duty; occupational diseases and fatalities.

Advantages for medical service providers:

It enables medical service providers to electronically capture medical reports and viewing of medical invoices. Medical invoices must be submitted via a Switching House.

The system provides several tools to simplify and speed up this process such as drop down lists, online calendars, checkboxes and so forth.

COID downloads:

User manuals for employers

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Chapter 2 – Searching the System

Updated Umehluko Employer User guide

User manuals for medical service providers

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Chapter 2 – Searching the System

Chapter 3 – Service Provider Functionality

Other important information

Form for registration on the new system

I trust that the above mentioned information will would be helpful.

For more information please contact tinus@labourguide.co.za or safety@labourguide.co.za       

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