Employee happiness: Let Google show you how

2A Happiness and Productivity study, done by the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, found that happiness made people around 12% more productive.

Professor Andrew Oswald, one of the lead researchers, put forward Google as one company that has cottoned on to the value of satisfied employees. By investing more in employee support and satisfaction, the internet giant managed to increase the company’s productivity levels by 37%.

To quote Professor Oswald, you should probably follow suit because “they [Google] know what they are talking about.”

So how does Google manage to inspire their employees to use their time at optimally?

The first Google rule

It might sound like a crazy idea, but Google does not require their employees to work from the office. All they’re required to do is agree on a work schedule with their manager. After that, where they get the work done does not concern Google.

Making the leap straight from 8-to-5 to working from home might be too much for average companies, but offering flexi hours to employees is certainly a step closer to the big ideal. This will give employees a sense of freedom and provide them with opportunity to establish a work-life balance. Millennials especially crave this from their day job.

A sense of community

There is very strong focus on collaboration at Google. The offices were in fact designed with big open spaces and comfortable seating to encourage conversations. Furthermore, new employees are made felt welcome through a warm greeting by their manager and team members. This instantly makes the newbie feel like a part of the team.

There might not be space for lounges in every office, but definitely make time for teams to interact with each other. Lunches away from the office could work, as well as drinks on a Friday afternoon or simply by encouraging people to catch up with team members from time to time.

Think outside the perk box

Google is famous for the many incredible perks they offer employees. These range from subsidised massages and free yoga, to health consultations and free meals. Yes, Google staff are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s understandable that offering these types of perks are not within the financial reach of all businesses, but start with the basics – remunerate employees fairly; ensure that salaries are paid on time every month by setting up EFT payments; include incentives and bonuses in payment packages; make retirement plans and medical aid memberships available.

In essence what Google is doing is treating their employees as their most valuable commodity. They know that by giving them more, Google is getting more. And that is perhaps the biggest lesson any corporate company can take from the rulers of the internet.

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